I am trying to locate the command and/or code to echo a programmed equation to the screen of a Voyage200 in the same fashion that an equation entered on the user command line appears ordinarily (i.e. with radical signs, variables, parentheses, fractional format, etc.). Obviously there must be a way to do this, but, I haven't been able to discover it. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I am not too familiar with the voyage200, but try


Disp <function var>

//Ti Basic on the TI84 would be
Disp Yx //X=number between 1 and 9

hope that is what you were wanting..
If I'm not mistaken, Disp will render text as the user types it, while Output will pretty-print it (or not, depending on the current mode settings).
Perhaps I'm missing a subtlety here, but, I have tried both <Disp> and <Output> and can only get them to display the answer, not the equation. In other words, if my internal program equation is "A/(√(B^2+C^2)" and my <Request> inputs are "A=1,B=2, and C=3" what I want is a way to see the "1/(sqrt(2^2+3^2)" equation in a standard (i.e. pretty print) format instead of simply the final answer ".27735". The commands I've tried are <Disp a/(√(b^2+^2))> and <Output 10,50,a/(√(b^2+c^2))> Am I missing something? Thanks again!
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