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At last, I have gotten up the inspiration for making Doors CS its own website, not just a series of scattered pages around the Cemetech website. I decided to do this because as Doors CS and its related projects and protocols have expanded, I have found a need for a centralized place to organize all the data about the project. I would also like a single download page to resolve the diverse and largely outdated Doors CS download links scattered around the internet.

The new site, currently making great strides in development, contains a plethora of features intended to make Doors CS more accessible to end users and programmers alike, as well as to help me keep track of progress, feature requests, and bug reports. The entire system is built upon my custom phpBB-based CMS, so your Cemetech user account and gCn registration information will automatically be used to customize the site to your needs. Among the pages are an exhaustive listing of Doors CS features and history, explanative screenshots, a unified download page, a centralized database of all Doors CS documentation and tutorials, and a powerful tracker system to enable the automated submission and management of both bug reports and feature requests from the community.

In addition, Doors CS 5.4 continues to inch ever closer to completion as I attempt to find and correct several new bugs I discovered in my thorough beta-testing process. Two new bugs have been determined to only occur under execution on a hardware calculator as opposed to an emulator, and have been recorded on the new website. I shall keep everyone posted on the progress.

Doors CS website:
looks good
rivereye wrote:
looks good

except for that theres 1) nothing really there and 2) some logos have DCS5, yet others have DCS 6 Very Happy

tracker's nice tho Wink
Look under the history section. Apparently Kerm was doing this before he was born.

History wrote:
0.2.0 December 31, 1969 Transferred to the graphscreen.

0.1.0 December 31, 1969 Simple menued list of programs named Doors XP; all BASIC.
Hey, '69 is a good number... Razz Very Happy
I always thought Kerm was born to make DCS, but I guess DCS was born to make Kerm.
*Attempts to make a reply, and decides to just sit in a chair and look confused*
Rivereye, Read my post from above
Ik, I didn't add datestamps yet. The empty pages are wips Smile
Question, will the dl link I have on my site become outdated as well? Should I make the links seperate, since you are branching the 83 and the 83+ versions off?
Nope, they'll still be packaged in the same zip, but the TI-83 version within will be perpetually at 5.1. Smile
Good, that makes it a bit easier for me. Smile
Feel free to point to the dl page if you want:

Oh, and I finished the history section. Admins will find they have some special powers within Smile
I shall take a look at the changes... Smile

Looks good! I can't wait to see the finished pages. Smile
Did you see the software box? Smile
lol, yeah I saw it. It is fairly unique, but you know n00bs will start askin where they can buy it at... Laughing
lol, I kinda hope they do... Wink
it would be nice if i could edit the tracker posts i've made....(like to say they were fixed or to add more info/updates as they are available)

just like it would also be nice if the DETAILS section had info like the time posted, last update, current status, etc...
Those are all in the db, I just need to code the frontend. Smile
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