I have made great progress with Switched RPG. One of the many things that I need in order to complete this game is sprites, and lots of them. Kerm suggested that I make a topic and now I have.

I'll start with some background:
These are the five different regions that are present in my world. They are woods, desert, marsh, ice cave/maze/something, and lava fortress. The denizens of these regions then naturally have different appearances.
Here is a list of most of the different characters that I will need for the maps:

Male villager
Female villager
Training robot
Training robot handler
Shop manager

Male villager
Female villager
Town Mayor
Desert thug
"Warlord" (he's not all that tough looking) (boss)

Rogue sailor
Evil ship captain (boss)

Fortress guard

Each sprite must fit into a 24x24 pixel square. Less importantly, I want to keep space usage as little as possible. It would be great if you can design a good looking sprite that uses 16 unique colors or less. If that is impossible then 256 colors is fine.

Needless to say, anyone who contributes gets their name in the credits! If I need to add any more information please let me know.
Shouldn't the villagers be about the same size as the main character? How big is the main character?
I haven't made an official main character yet, just a placeholder, so there isn't a specific size to work with yet. Tiles are 24x24 so all the characters need to fit into those. I don't have anything specific yet so feel free to make something that fits into the maps well. After an official size is established the rest of the sprites should appear similar to that.
20x20 Male Villager:

It isn't very good.
It's a good start. I assume that this is a woods villager? Anyways, you still have four horizontal rows of pixels to work with so maybe you could add some hair on his head or something to make it appear more rounded out. I think the general shape of the character is good.
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