Taken by a steel rolling company. Razz
go to http://www.cemtech.net Smile
Oh yeah, that could work too. Very Happy
however, my site is the only thing on google called Stickfigure Graphic Productions :p
?! Stickfigure doesn't bring anything up?
elfprince13 wrote:

Another good one is www.cemetech.com. That has to be one of the creapiest business models I have ever seen Laughing
Laughing I wonder how many people accidentally type that in instead of cemetech.net and get very confused.
I did once Laughing and I was like WTF. It took a full minute to realize why I was looking at a cemetery site. Of course, it was 2am and I was very tired... Wink
They used to have a cool Java asteroid game on that site. Top bar read:

Cemetech - Cemetary Management
Home < Order < About < Games Laughing Very respectful...
Laughing Talk about diversity in business. That's taking things a tad too far.
Yeah, I thought so too, but it was fun to play nonetheless. Very Happy
Can't let those headstones hit you! Laughing
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