lol...what was wrong with them?
KermMartian wrote:
something1990 has hit on an interesting point, and I think it would be AWESOME if Cemetech oversaw the product of a COMPLETE guide to TI-BASIC, from linking and setup, to beginning, moderate, and advanced programming, to tips, tricks, and even a discussion of BASIC vs. ASM. I would like if it was book length, as Ithink I mention before, so we could even perhaps (!!!!) publish!!

I did a cool 10 page paper on Basic vs Asm last year which is how I found UTI Smile
Could you post up a link somewhere?
KermMartian wrote:
lol...what was wrong with them?

When I copied them from the pdf, the colors were distorted, or it didn't copy the image correctly, and a lot of the lettering was WAY off...
something1990 wrote:
Uh oh. A competition being discussed in the rants section. This could get ugly... I wonder what the prize would be for said competition Question

None, besides fame and glory in our little corner of the calc world we call Cemetech. Razz

Erm..hehe..*cough* *cough*
Yeah whatever. Technically as the site founder you already have infinite fame and glory already.
Hehehe....eeeeeeeeeeexcellent...I have trained you well. Smile Just Joking
So, moving back ontopic...
I would like to know exactly what you mean by "publish." Do you mean submit to ticalc, publish as book, or publish as online document that we could take to TI and say "Here, post this on your site," or something to that effect.
KermMartian wrote:

Erm..hehe..*cough* *cough*

lol, uh huh...

You gonna post a news item about this? Just curious... If I was any good at posting news, I would do it, but...

*looks at own front page, and sighs at very short news posts...*
I am, let me just get those fixes you noticed in place first.
Yeah i guess that would help...
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