Dingus, I hope you're right, and I completely agree with your sentiment. I think at this point TI's relentless advertising and marketing as well as their previous successes with the TI-83+/84+ are the main reasons people are even bothering with the Nspire at the moment. I'll be the first to admit that the Prizm math mode is not the best best, but it's getting better, and missing features like 3D graphing are rapidly arriving. Wink
I hate the better hardware argument people use for their opinion in favor of the Nspire too. I personally think that if the PRIZM is used to its full potential (and it has yet to, since not everything has been documented yet), it could pull games like nDoom or emulators like gbc4prizm.

I do not discourage Nspire development since it has potential too, but I am sad the PRIZM is still underrated among community users. I guess it doesn't help that many people prefer BASIC-like languages and that the one provided on the PRIZM is horrendously slow when it comes to the graph screen. I think it would be great if more people did like Reo and port their TI-Nspire C projects to the PRIZM too.
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