I have a stereo system that I am very proud of and have been working on quite a bit lately. Recently I dug up our old emachine and hooked it up so it plays my music streaming over my home network. The next step I want to take is add a remote. I know it's not very difficult with the correct hardware (IR receiver) and software (some sort of PC automator), but I'm not sure which exact components/configuration is best? Any helpful hints?
this may not be what you are looking for, but with TightVNC you can remotly control your computer with another one.
I think he was going with a more hand-held type object. Unless, you are implying he buy a PDA and use that with VNC as a wireless remote. That seems to expensive though, and I don't have any experience fashioning remote controls myself. Sorry I can't help Sad
you COULD do it with any web enabled device for free using apache and PHP - as in controlling it from your cell phone

Otherwise, i'd just by a made-for-PC remote....
Hmmm, I do have my cell phone on, but this computer doesn't have apache on it.

I was wondering if you had any specific suggestions for a made-for-pc remote...
I'd do something with PHP and a port stream if I were you so it could be browser-controlled. You should probably set up Apache on an old comp, if you have one...
I just want a remote control...
Laughing Just open up the remote, take off the IR LED, solder a long wire pair from the LED to the PCB, and run the cable to where you want the remote to be. Then hotglue the LED onto the IR receiver on the set, and you're done.,
If I had a solder and if I knew how to write driver software for such a device, I would do so. Sad
OK, here's how. Use QBASIC, the parallel port (port 378h) and a simple amplifier circuit. Do you think you could do that? IF so, I'll elaborate.
I have the technical skills (I think). Please do elaborate.
OK. QBASIC can directly address ports, such as the parallel port, port 378h. You need to figure out the pulse sequence the remote uses, which gets more complex the more commands you want it to be able to send. Then you connect a simple 2-transistor darlington amplifier across the parallel port, and use it to drive the LED. The QBASIC prog would be a command line frontend; simply press keyboard buttons for functions, like arrow up and down for volume, tab for volume, or whatever.
Schematics plz?
Kerm, in any modern Windows, programs can't access the hardware directly, you will need something older to do that, yet something newer to get on a networ halfway decently
Yeah I don't have a soldering iron anyway.
rivereye wrote:
Kerm, in any modern Windows, programs can't access the hardware directly, you will need something older to do that, yet something newer to get on a networ halfway decently

QBASIC is DOS; it can get into it directly. It's interpreted anyway.
right, but you are going to run it Windows (or actually a VDM, diffrent time though), and windows will come up and say illegal operation.
If you're going to put this much effort into making a custom remote, why make it IR?
...because that's what his device uses, and it's easier than removing the buttons and running wires to darlingtons to the parallel port. That would only do 8 controls, anyway.
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