Gentlemen, I am a Chinese engineer, using Casio FX-CG20 have 1 years, I found this site, I have benefited much from! You are really great! Thank you so much to offer excellent resource, I have 2 questions to ask:1, there is no way to expand the main storage memory, because64KB is not enough to use. 2, are there any friends to help in the CG20 on the development of a Bluetooth plug-in, because we need to use the total station, if successfully developed, I could use a calculator is connected total station, will save a lot of time and process. If you can help a friend I can provide some help, although not much, but it is also one of my heart, thank you! Wish you have a good mood every day.

...And you are the guy with who I talked by email, right?

I already told you that your first point may be possible but not without any OS modding which we don't know how to do at the moment; and about the second point, I hope you can find someone to work with you as it's a very interesting project, but like I told you, I don't have the money or knowledge to work on it.
How much total physical RAM does the Prizm have? I was under the impression that as much as possible had already been given to Storage Memory, with the remainder held back for stack/heap of executing add-ins. Regarding Bluetooth, we first need to learn a lot more about the USB functionality of the Prizm and document it somewhere. Smile
gbl08ma wrote:
may be possible but not without any OS modding which we don't know how to do at the moment

here is the fx9860 os mod thread by simonlother for casio fx9860

for the prizm will be similar, but the best is ask him before do it in prizm
I tend to think hacking all this functionality into the calculator would be too much effort to be worthwhile.

You've got a perfectly serviceable UART (the serial link port), so why not assemble a small (microcontroller-based, probably) device that can use the calculator as a user interface and handles the communication and storage needs?
If you notice, you'll see the original poster wants to increase the main memory (that was the idea I got from the emails we exchanged). I believe this is because he has already got the main memory full with programs and sampling data.

In my opinion, the easiest way to fix this problem, at least in the short term (well, I don't expect anyone to have more than 16MB in BASIC programs, so this is in the long term) is to find a way to run BASIC programs from the 16MB storage memory.
Time for a shell?
Time for a shell indeed. Helder: Are you aware that almost every post you make includes a Casio-Scene link? It's hard for me to not see that as advertising.
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