I checked on the TDA2050 datasheet for what heatsink I would need; but it only gave me suggested diameters. How do I know what heatsink to use?
For reference:

The suggested lengths for given thermal resistances are just precomputed options, in which they've already done the necessary calculations for good thermal dissipation. Ultimately, you just need something that will dissipate Ptot.
For reference, most modern desktop CPUs dissipate between 65 and 95 Watts.
Nice find, Tari. I'm fascinated to see that that graph displays resistances as Thevenin resistance (RTH) and that that's actually used for something in the real world!
So the longer the heatsink, the more heat it can actually dissipate?
I feel like it would be safer to go with a lengthier heatsink than necesarry, so there us room for error, right?
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