Took me an evening and a morning to complete it, but I finished copying manually the (at least) 2188 messages that can be used by the PrintXY_2 syscall to a plain text file saved in Unicode which can be read in both Unix and Windows.

Messages were taken from OS 1.03 with the PrintXY_2 reference add-in available in the wiki. I tried to reproduce the messages as closely as possible, including whitespaces and special characters (that's what Unicode is for).

This is English-only for now, however, as a lot of strings aren't translated in other languages, I may list another language later so that it's easy to check if a certain thing is translated in multiple languages.

Here is a paste with the file:
I suggest someone wikifies this...

Interesting conclusions I took:
- It seems *all* the strings in the OS are accessible through PrintXY_2, even those that always stay in English in other languages.
- There are a lot of empty/whitespace messages. I assume this is to allow space for writing in languages with longer words, in places where space is limited, for example, in dialog boxes.
- Strings used in dialog boxes usually have a leading space.
- Casio loves to write ERROR in capitals (but you probably already figured this out).
- There are a lot of repeated messages. It looks like each message is only used once in the OS, so for example, "Cash Flow" has two messages: one for the Financial menu, and another for the title once you enter the "Cash Flow function".
- Still on repeated messages, some seem to be from earlier calculators and ealier (during development) versions of the OS and were probably kept for compatibility. There are messages related to the SD card, the LIGHT key and "contrast", which Prizm doesn't have.
- AHelper, you may be interested in this: there's a "Time Setting" string (no. 1945). It doesn't have a leading F3 as I thought before, though, and it may be used in something else other than a RTC setting in the System Manager.
- As I pointed before in some other thread, there are a lot of messages related to battery settings which don't show up. Some were dropped probably because they were too long to fit on the screen, and there may have been a list of recommended batteries which no longer exists. Also, there were many other types of batteries other than Alkaline and NiMH. See messages 1879~1903.

- List at least one more language;
- Check if there are more messages at higher indexes (like 30000);
- Discover where some curious messages are used, or if they are used at all;
- Investigate on add-in language files;
- Update to 1.04 and list everything again (there are a lot of changes in the Portuguese translation, for example).
Very nice discoveries, definitely needs to be added to WikiPrizm (once you do one final sweep) Smile what I find the coolest is the fact (at least, from what I can make of it) it has all the tokens used by the OS as well.
Great work on the strings!

0347- SD Card

Interesting that it would even be included, even if they did reuse parts of the OS. Light/Dark is still used in the OS under System -> Display.

If you can figure out the language files, we need a pirate language added ^_^


1666- Folder has
1667- Over 300 files.
1668- Some will
1669- be skipped.



Hmm... Didn't even think Panasonic made batteries, yet there they are.
Like I told you, I believe Casio has a policy like "Do not edit or remove existing messages, only add new ones". This will be interesting to confirm when I update to 1.04: did they just change the existing strings, or did they add new ones and used them instead?

If this "policy" is confirmed, then I think it's a great thing: if you develop an add-in for OS 1.02 and you're relying on a message that is there, then you won't need to worry about that string changing in later versions to something that doesn't fit. It also makes porting add-ins from earlier versions of Casio calculators easier.


1666- Folder has 
1667- Over 300 files. 
1668- Some will 
1669- be skipped.

Not only it is interesting, there's also a similar group of messages later but with a limit of 200 files - probably for a different model. See messages 1833~1836.

Panasonic makes batteries, and I have many of them at home...

EDIT: I found on Simon's docs that there are some syscalls (not yet on libfxcg AFAIK) that return the translated messages given their number (without printing them), which means it's probably possible to develop an add-in which collects all the messages and saves them in a file, automating the work I've done manually. Oh well, my wasted evening...
I'll post more details soon.
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