Oh, ok. Sorry Smile
The only thing I can _possibly_ see is the _theta_POKE program - I'll experiment with it and figure it out.
lol, I know that if I show some emotion, you read it a bit more carefully. Wink good luck...
Which reminds me: are you using the include file format?

Oh, so it automatically unarchives everything? No, I haven't set that up yet. To tell the truth, I forgot all about that... :embarassed:
lol...I have a vested interest, I want to make sure that feature still works, too. Smile
Ok, and just to make sure how that part works, can you please explain it... Smile
DCS header, new line, :A, new line, list of progs, one per line with no leading colon, then a colon newline, then the code.
No need for ::END?
No, I removed that after 4.0 Smile
Wait a second. I have that in there. Could that be what is makin the memory go away? Confused

I will try to investigate this tonight...
That could DEFINITELY be it - take it out and try again. OR I could just make it ignore all ::END lines - I should probably do that anyway for some of my old programs where I had the ::END.
lol, I will be so happy if that is it. Smile

I will let you know, I am going to lunch now, so I can check it out in about 30 mins...
OK. Trust me, I'll be overjoyed too. Smile
Sadly the error is still there. Crying
Noooo! I was really hopeful about that. Sad
One thing I noticed that was fixed from before, (from beta 1 to 3) was that when I started Pokemon, and when to the first menu, it erased the N in New, but now it no longer does that...

Could it be related?
Nope, that was a flag error that I fixed.
Kerm's Debug Notes:
1. As stated earlier, theta_poke causes no loss
2. prgmPOKEMON with a return right after the icon doesn't lose mem
3. Quitting from the main Pokemon menu _does_ cause the loss
4. Therefore, loss is from something between icon and main menu quit.
No, it is losing the mem somewhere in POKEMON, because of :

:Repeat getKey

That is the begining of POKEMON, I had forgotten to unarchive zdw, and it showed ERR:Archived. The memory loss had still happened.

So it is happening between the click on the icon, and ZDW...
I tested a random prog with :dcs, icon, :end, pause, and no leak, so I have confirmed that you were right, I guess I did add :END protection...

Edit: looked at my source code, apparently I did fix that, but I hadn't remembered. Very Happy
I am gonna take out thetapoke, see if that changes anything...

I keep looking at the code, and it doesn't look like anything should cause any problems...
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