Finally posting about my own entry: an arcade (woah!!!) game, featuring, well, guns and zombies.

The premise: Save yourself from certain death-by-zombie! All you get is a small gun. (Though later you might get some bigger guns....hehehe). The levels will probably be algorithmically-generated to allow for 'infinite' gameplay and to save space.

And yes, eventually I will get a real zombie sprite.
That looks like a lot of fun! Why is everyone suddenly obsessed with physics-based games with particle effects, by the way? Smile
Haha, I don't really think you can call basic gravity a 'physics based' game....And what shooting game is complete without some sort of splatter effect?
KermMartian wrote:
Why is everyone suddenly obsessed with physics-based games with particle effects, by the way? Smile

Because someone at some point wrote a tutorial on them, now everyone "discovered" them Razz
Actually squidgetx already "discovered" them long before that tutorial was written Razz
Haha, yeah.
I've since fixed all the display bugs you might notice in the screenie and am now playing with the idea of an epic new style of map/movement. I won't share details just yet in case it doesn't work out, but it involves rotating things....hehe
Finally got back to work on this. I decided to go for an old-school screen-inverted color scheme which I think looks pretty nice.

    Weapon switching
    Collision works perfectly
    Variably-placed blood splatters
    Zombie sprites/animations
    Title screen

To do:

    Parralax scrolling background Very Happy
    Level progression/logic
    Money and the Shop
    Expand HUD for detalied hp bar, level, score, and $
    Make more weapons
Looks awesome! Isn't that jumping going to end up being a little imba though?
Not when there're so many enemies that you'll end up landing on more of them Wink Bullets can only hit one at a time, so if you're trying to gun down 9-10 at once while stopping/turning/shooting while simultaneously avoiding ones that spawn in front of you, well, good luck. The stage will have a set width, and you have to kill everyone to move on.
The only hole in that logic is if you make it to the other end of the stage you could camp in the corner...but the weapons have limited range. Or also I can make enemies spawn in the corners more frequently.

Thanks for pointing that out though because I hadn't really thought about it before.

Parallax scrolling background ftw. Began work on the shop/HUD and level progression. It's coming along nicely Smile

Also fixed some collision check bugs, and so now it happens that if you try to jump over a zombie, you will lose (a little bit) of health Smile
I saw that one of the times you jumped it showed your sprite table on screen, otherwise amazing job.
Submitted to the contest! I'm happy to say that it is almost done, but I'm holding out on a final release because i'm thinking about fixing some balance issues and adding more achievements.

Completed since last update:
-Achievements (Press MODE at the title screen)
-Fully functional store plus 8 new weapons
-Armor/Health at the store
-Faster, stronger, healthier zombies as the levels go up
-Random location spawn
-Spawn animation
-Many, many bugfixes

Finally, update and release! Zombie Gun finished 3rd in the contest :O

This is now open for bug and balance testing. I'm not yet done with this game, much more is to come!

New features since contest entry alpha:
-Unique sprites for zombie types
-New weapons, making for a total of 13.
-Balance fixes

Here's a quick screenie showing off all 13 weapons and most of the game mechanics.

Enjoy~ The contest alpha is available for download (on ceme archives as soon as it is approved) as well as the newer beta.

Zombie Gun
by squidgetx
An Axe Parser 1.1.1 Project

Zombies have taken over the entire world. They've managed to eat out the brains of everyone in the entire world...except for you and your arms dealer. They've also conveniently managed to eat the entire world except for one little patch of land. Oh, and it's permanently night-time... How long can YOU survive?

Playing the Game

1. Installation
Send ZOMBIES.8xp to your calculator and run with any Ion-compatible shell

2. Title screen
Choose whether you want to start a new game, continue an old one, or save/quit the game.

Arrows: Move cursor
2nd: Select
Mode: View Achievements (7)

3. Store
Purchase weapons, armor upgrades, and healing power. Once you buy a weapon, click to buy it again to purchase ammunition for it. Use up/down to cycle by 50 bullets or left/right to cycle by 1. Weapons come preloaded with 50 free shots.

Arrows: Select
2nd: Select
Mode: View Inventory (5)
Clear: Continue Game (4)

4. Main Game Screen
Check out your health bar, money, kills, and ammo in the top corner. Run around, kill things Very Happy

Arrows: Move
2nd: Jump
Alpha: Shoot
Mode: View Inventory (5)
Clear: Save/Quit (6)

5. Inventory
View weapons in stock, ammo, etc. Use 2nd to equip one or the other (change weapons). Also functions as a handy pause function.

Arrows: Move cursor
2nd: Equip weapon

6. Saving and Quitting
You'll see a save message. It is currently archiving your life-stats and achievements appvar (ZGach). The save file is left in RAM (ZGsav) and may only be loaded from one time.

7. Achievements
Throughout the game you can unlock various achievements. When you unlock one (usually at the end of the level) a notification will appear. You can view your achievements in the Achievement screen by pressing MODE at the title screen.

Random Game Information
Due to the nature of the calculator and/or my own laziness, many of the stats are maxed at 65535. Because of this, the difficulty of the game will begin to plateau at about level 64. However, I seriously doubt you will be able to make it that far anyway. But you can try. Good luck!

Technical Stuff
Please make sure to have about 100 bytes of free RAM. Normally this shouldn't be a problem. I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your calculator. For best results, I recommend that this program be run from archive with MOS or DCS7, and that you clear your RAM before playing. If there is not enough RAM, the program will auto-quit.

Legal Stuff
Blah Blah Blah No one actually cares right??? Well just in case....
This is freeware, you can do whatever you want to with it! Hopefully the feeling of being a huge scumbag will deter you to market/distribute this as your own work. This is also an open source project. The source is included in the folder called "Source" :O. You can do whatever you want with that too. Just credit me or something.

This game was written by me, squidgetx using Kevin Horowitz's amazing language/utility thing Axe Parser 1.1.1 for Cemetech Contest #8. Thanks to Kevin (aka Quigibo) for Axe, Kerm_Martian for Cemetech, Runer112 and Calc84Maniac, and the rest of Omnimaga and Cemetech community.
I see that you're using MirageOS in your screenshots, which makes me very sad. :'( Other than that, awesome job; I had a lot of fun playing your entry! I rejected it for now because of the screenshots (take a look at the note that I added along with it), but I hope you'll resubmit! Smile
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