If you'd like to discuss some of the code I've posted up here, please feel free to post, at the very least, the title of the code segment so we know which one you are talking about. I'm keeping that topic locked so I can leave it clean and not have to shift around looking for code snippets in case I have a problem and need a backup of the code.
Well, I don't have much to say that involves the actual code and optimizations/glaring problems, but I'll just say that I'm glad to see that PP is progressing well and that almost all of the routines for the items are done Smile just curious, are all of these routines in a single program or are they split into seperate ones? (I'm guessing it's likely the latter)
Each code that I post is on a single line in an application variable. Each line corresponds to a number so I can recall the data, show the names (which are similarly in an appvar, each name on its own per line) and allows the ease of use in lists.

I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze all the items into one appvar. I have all of what you see in there now and I'm up to (including the code I have for the Ice Heal item, which isn't shown yet) 10288 bytes. Going to have to find a way to optimize at some point.
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