Nearly, I'm just proofreading and spiffifying.
lol, well, just make sure you get it done today. Smile

I mean, I would hate for us to be late... Rolling Eyes Laughing
Yeah, it would be kinda hypocritical of me. Smile
Something like... Razz

So, do you have some sort of easy editor that you use to just add it, like the news scripts?
Not as of yet.

BASIC Elite Resurrection
by Kerm Martian,

In this past summer of 2005, a new user named Jon Pezzino or JPez emailed me after having tried my TI-83/+ shell Doors CS, pointing out several bugs in a tone indicitive of doubt it would actually get addressed. When I did indeed fix the issues in question the next day, he was so surprised that he joined Cemetech to see what else was going on, and soon racked up a sizeable postcount along with gaining a good measure of respect on the forum. The idea of the BASIC Elite first came after I started a rant on the forum lamenting the declining quality of new submissions at, and apparently I touched a chord, for people vehemently responded their agreement. Jon came up with the idea of an independent group of TI-BASIC graphing calculator programmers, devoted to quality of programs and personal integrity, one whose logo could mean the difference between a flame and a download for a member's program. I agreed it was an excellent idea, and together we formed the organization to be known as The BASIC Elite, overseen by Cemetech and hosted at . Almost immediately programmers from the board and elsewhere began to apply for membership in the Elite or 1337 as it is affectionally called by its members. As they were approved by JPez and myself, they too gained the responsibility of allowing or denying new members applying the the Elite. After several members who we felt showed great promise but were not yet at the level of a full 1337 member attempted to join, we came up with the idea of the BASIC Elite apprentice class, a group of BASIC Elite partial members who could post in the BASIC Elite forum and were allowed to display an Apprentice logo on their website if applicable, but were not yet full members with voting privileges. We also began to write and publish newsletters containing information about the Elite, reviews of exceptional programs in TI-BASIC for any TI graphing calculator model, and tutorials and tips for both beginner and advanced programmers. After the first two issues were published and work on the third was begun, however, the articles for this third issue were unfortunately lost when the site's old host was hacked. The newsletter and thus most of the Elite's public functions lapsed for a while, though some other BASIC Elite-sanctioned projects and events continued. In particular, several of us created a BASIC Elite Guide to BASIC Programming with tips for efficient, well-coded programs. I also made SourceCoder v1.0, a web service for parsing and displaying readable, pastable BBCode and HTML from any TI .8** file, which was subsequently featured at and described elsewhere in this newsletter. Since the summer, The BASIC Elite has gotten a good deal of press directly and via its members' projects, and several recent developments have greatly increased the pressure to reintroduce this groundbreaking group. Firstly, there have been several new, disintegrous members of the community releasing code lifted verbatim from other programs and slightly modified to try to veil their acts, claiming credit for others' hard work. Secondly, the overall quality of released projects has plummetted even as new programmers join at phenomenal rates. Elite members have been proactively working with other important websites and community figures to address these problems, and we feel resurrecting the Elite is one important step towards such a goal. Now that The BASIC Elite has returned, it is once again open to new members and apprentices, and we will be releasing new issues of the newsletter each month. [(1337)]
Tis about time. Very Happy

How did your project thing go?
All done. I finally finished it after a total of 20 hours of work. Razz
Cool, put it up.
OK, will do at 4pm EST today, my first free sine 10am. Razz

anything else you need me to work on?
Nope, I finished it. Smile
Yay! *Goes to make news item* Smile
yeah, great job, I like it
psst - you forgot to mention in the "End of If" to not use it in speed critical sections, as it is slower than an if-then if the condition is false
Yeah, I forgot that... Cut me a lil slack, I made it at 1 in the morning... Be happy that It made that much sense... Laughing
lol I think the issue actually came out fairly well...

I added a news item, and placed the link in the be page. Smile
he confusing thing is the ((K=25)+(A>1)) part. Since these were wrapped in parenthesis as well, the calculator will see the = and > and 'understand' that a conditional is being tested, so will 'know' that + means that both most be true, otherwise, it is a no go.

that should be * not +. If its +, you will add 1 if one is true, on is false, and 2 if both are true. With *, it will add one if both are true <- i believe that is what you want
I tried the code out on calc before placing it up, that code works. Smile

I refuse to put code up without testing it first.
well then something wierd happened, because if (k=25) is true, then it is 1, and if (A>1) is true, then it is 1. 1+1=2, if one of them is false, then it would be 1+0=1

Oooh, i think i see why it was working: (K=34)+(A<8 ). if A is within 1 and 8, then those two statements will cancel out. Using + between conditional statements is NOT the same as AND, only * is, but it works in your example due to the subtracting of the other set of conditions.

(if i had my 84 right now, i'd verify this, but i am 99% sure that is how it works)
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