As some of you might know I am slowly leaving the community but will prbly eventually just only visit a few place, if not just one, places where there are no troublemakers active. Seeing the comment about one of my staff project at from a Cemetech staff (which can be viewed here ) and that some other people were rude once here I am no longer contributing to the discussion here. I am still looking forward SourceCoder though but I will no longer be active on Cemetech. If you want to talk to me I will be on Omnimaga forums mostly (first link in my sig)
Sorry to see you go. Sad John is usually a good guy, and I'm sorry you took offense to his comments (although they were a bit harsh to say the least).
It is kind of disheartening to learn of this, especially when we have been trying to keep other people from doing the same, one of ours goes and does this. Sad

I really don't have much to say, other than I would not have expected that kind of comment.
wow, man, I hate to see you go. I hope you will still be active at Rivereye Studios though (haven't seen you there in a while)
Im sorry to see you go. You and Kerm were really my heros when I started programming in Basic.....the only 2 basic programms ever to get featuered on
Sorry that you're on the izzout, Kevin, it's been real. And I certainly respect your programming work, I think you made great strides in improving the quality and capabilities of BASIC.

We'll miss you.
Please read my response.

As a message specifically to Cemetech members, I warn you that it would be foolish to hold me in contempt for the incident, for many of the reasons I stated in my response. I ask that you think very carefully before condemning me in any way. Needless to say, I am not happy about the issue that has been made out of this and I intend to try to avoid such incidents in the future, and I do not wish to bring any sort of tarnish upon Cemetech. It makes me sad to think that Kevin is considering leaving Cemetech because of the misunderstanding, and I hope that he comes to realize that this is a decision that will hurt Kerm as well as the rest of Cemetech deeply. I have apologized where I thought necessary and hope that these apologies are received appropriate.
Apology accepted!

I agree. Please do not hold this against Jpez.
Yeah, he's a good guy, I think he's a very valuable member of Cemetech and hope this can be resolved amicably.
All members are valuable, not just a few
I apologise too if I said anything wrong and I am accepting any apologies providing this doesnt happen again. Actually from what I saw on Cemetech you sound like a nice person, I was just surprised from seeing that unconstructive comment about Ultima V 68k on Ticalc.

Even if Ultima V was a BASIC RPG I think we should be more constructive in the community. If I take Reuben Quest example again -its a huge RPG that requires 75% of the calculator memory to be installed- and other games like FFTOM i think the Another huge rpg that will take too much space-like comment is unfair. If Reuben was under 24 KB it would be as crappy as the others one at and as crappy as the games I made before august 2002. Reuben and FFTOM are actually in my opinion above the average in term of game lenght/graphics/gameplay compared to many other RPGs I saw on (some of which arent on Omnimaga because they arent worth adding), so people need to understand that when coded nicely the BASIC and ASM game size is proportional to its quality and amount of features. ASM is smaller but not everyone is able to learn it due to the fact its hard. BASIC is easier and not that limited if you add asm libs but you have to deal with memory. I personally think if you like RPGs its worth downloading a file that take almost all memory if you want a quality game. I dunno how people see it for reuben because it only took about 100-200 hours to make each games of the serie (Reign of Legends 3 took more than 900) but I know Ranman have spent lot of effort into making his Ultima port for 68k calcs, I think he have been here since about two years and is probably one of the oldest member of the TI community around and he probably wanted to defend himself, many other people would have the same reaction when viewing an unconstructive comment about their work (regardless of the kind of comment) and some people might even leave the community because of that.

I guess you could have said something like "Sound like a big project but I don't like RPGs so I will probably not play it" or "Make sure you don't make it too huge so it fit on my calc and make it good enough because I dont like downloading a huge game that I will trash in about 10 minutes."

ANyway I am back now (altough allynfolksjr now try to do everything to make me leave) I am glad this is solved now
As am I. Topic locked.
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