Travis wrote:

Er, wrong site
I am so disappointed that no longer gets pyramids in comments on news articles. Sad That was a noble and classy tradition. How did the birthday go, Shaun? What did you do?
Happy Birthday once again, good sir Merth!
merthsoft wrote:
Why doth your face be sad, Birthday Boy?
Ooh, hey look, I was able to get a first rendition of your tree done in time for your birthday! Very Happy May you enjoy the day immensely, and have tons of cake!

Happy birthday!
qazz42 wrote:

Happy birthday!

I only count 18 candles, that can't be right, that'd make him younger than me! At any rate, Happy birthday, man!
I dunno, man, cake doesn't lie. I must be 18.

Thanks guys Smile
Ummm... how I didn't notice this thread yesterday, it's something I can't explain (timezones?).
Still, (late) happy birthday! Smile

(oh. nevermind, read below)
Probably because yesterday wasn't my birthday Wink Thanks!
I would swear that right now, this thread started with messages on 6th May and the latest messages (on second page) were on 7th May. But now I see all the messages as having been posted on 7th May. Either my browser cache has gone immensely crazy, or the forum has a little bug.

Ah! Here's the proof: messages in the future, heh?

(oops, nevermind. My brain doesn't work well with similar dates on different years. Not even circling the dates with red brush made me notice that. How stupid I am Smile )
merthsoft wrote:

So how did the birthday end up going, Shaun? I heard that someone musical sang you Happy Birthday. Any party, presents, cake?
It was a great birthday. Someone musical did, indeed, sing to me.
Happy Birthday Merth!
Happy birthday once more, Merth! It's now two years after this thread began, and that also means you'll be a three-year Cemetechian in a few days (that sounds wrong, chronologically, but that's what the thread says...).
Thanks! I joined right after my birthday in 2010, so I didn't get a thread that year. You made up for it by fast-tracking me to admin Smile
Birthday Merth! ill make a cake in gimp for you
Happy Birthday Merth!
Happy Birthday!
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