Can I inquire how you're a pink colour?
shmibs wrote:
lastly, i love that i am a bald, pink man, but why is my name always misspelt? XD
Because your name puts me in a German-spelling-conventions mood. As for the color, I believe the SVG spec calls that 'salmon' or something similar.
5'7", or 170 cm, if you don't mind adding me to the list Smile
I think that Tari was writing the German spelling of your handle, Shmibs. Smile My connection between health and height was that those that are nourished well and have a good, balanced diet low in fats and high in lean meats, fruits and veggies, whole grain, etc tend to flourish and be taller and thinner. Those foods tend to be more expensive and eaten in more affluent areas than fast food, which is cheap but high in fats and low in just about everything else.
6 foot 8 inches 280lbs standard size South Carolina redneck
Dalton wrote:
6 foot 8 inches 280lbs standard size South Carolina redneck
I thought the standard-size South Carolina redneck was shorter and heavier than that. Wink
Not where Im living. Im the standard size. Hell, Im short compared to my dad and Great uncle. Dad is 7,1. Great uncle is 7,3

(Mom is 5,3... She stunted me)
im 6'2
adamac15 wrote:
im 6'2
Nice, you're among the talls. We should get Tari to update the chart of heights...
I'll update it when I remember and I'm back at my desktop, which won't be until Sunday at the earliest.
adamac is tall too....

I guess it's Portugal, all adults are my size and fat.
I am a teenager, hence not being fat, but still their size.
I posted in here but never posted my height, 6'2" or 187.96 centimeters
I'm 182.40 or almost 6 feet.
Heh, I am 5'9", 135lbs
Not the tallest, probably the shortest.
5'9" tall, probably will by the time I'm 17 go up at most to 5'11".

Now I'm promptly going to go down the list and judge your personality and intelligence for being either taller or shorter than me, if you don't mind, everyone.
Ashbad, go head. I'm 6'2", but I probably posted that somewhere in here.

Edit: lololol, it's on this same page.
souvik1997 wrote:
I'm 5'6''

Well, it seems that I grew an inch since the last time I posted in this thread. Smile
5' 10.5834784393837", iirc. Razz
comicIDIOT wrote:
I'm 6'2", but I probably posted that somewhere in here.

Based on your height, your IQ is probably 117, and your favorite color is Green. You like cats, and your favorite music genre is Eurobeat. Therefore your favorite food is also Crabcakes.

But more seriously, wow, we sure have some tall people here.
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