Kllrnohj - I'd be happy to talk to you online at your convenience about it...
OK, let me set up my GAIM in linux then Wink

(oh, nice icons btw: fun fact to know and tell, the formatting in XPM is C, which is why it can be compiled into an application - open it up in notepad and you'll see what i mean Laughing )

EDIT: I'm on AIM right now - but i don't see you on, but i'll be on for awile still if you wanna talk still

EDIT2: Nice min/close/max buttons, but i probably won't be using them. The reason is that wxWidgets is extremely focused on well-integrated applications. Meaning that apps take on as much native look and feel as possible (by using the native GUI API's as much as possible), and replacing those icons would defeat that. (wxWidgets will even align a message box's "yes no cancel" buttons up properly, and in the right order, as the system "standard" so that it feels native) - however, the disconnected/congested/connected icons will look nice in the system tray me-thinks Wink
Cool, I'm making a mockup of what an ideally cool interface would look like, but feel free to go wherever you want with it.

Hey Kllnrohj, could you send me your current source so I can test on my G3?
I'd love an XP executable. Smile
Kerm, I have an idea. Can you make a password protected directory that only gCn staff can access, and that way people responsible for different parts of the code can update whatever code they are working on so all the other gCn staff can access it?
Ummm, sure.... PM me with a requested user/pass
Lemme figure out what kind of thing I want to set up.
elfprince, first you'll have to setup wxWidgets, head on over to www.wxwidgets.org grab a version (i'm using 2.6.2 - but since you're compiling from source, the exact versions *shouldn't* matter as much)

I've still got ALOT to do for the GUI, as I've mostly been playing around, trying various things out (like a bg picture - which won't happen, as then text will have to be drawn/managed manually - which is too much of a hassle)

So once I add more to it (like the preferences window and such), and it starts looking more and more like a real proggy, i'll upload it, but right now its about as intense as the wxWidgets "minimal" sample Laughing (so if you really want to see what the performance will be like, just compile some (or all) of the samples and try em out)

EDIT: However, the ABOUT dialog DOES have a bg pic with text over it, and it looks great Wink

Oh, and Kerm, a simple FTP directory would be fine
yay! double post! Rolling Eyes

source tarball: http://www.kllrnohj.com/cemetech/gCn2/gCn.tar.bz2 (note: you'll have to manually edit the Makefile, replacing the various paths/options to be relevant to your wxwidgets install - i'll try and get one of them fancy ./configure scripts set up later, but that means learning HOW to make one of them fancy scripts Wink )

Alternatively, you can open up the .pjd file in DialogBlocks, set up its paths for wxWidgets, and then use it to make the Makefiles and compile


I have a fully implemented and (amazingly) WORKING config file setup, so all the options are saved/remembered (but the password is saved as plain-text, but ONLY if save pass is checked....), but, as you can see, there isn't a toolbar yet (not sure if one is really needed for an app like this?) - nor is the systray icon implemented (but that will have to be done later, as it will tie in to the connection status)
Excellent, excellent. Loking superb. Smile
small update (but it took fooorreeevvveeerr)

i now got one of them fancy ./configure && make scripts setup, although i've only tested it in linux so far...(i'll try it in windows soon)

other minor change is that now the settings.cfg file is stored in $(HOMEDIR)/.gcn/settings.cfg in everything but windows, where it is $(HOMEDIR)/GlobalCalcNet/settings.cfg (i'm guessing that since OS X is based off *nix, a folder/file starting with a '.' is hidden - can someone verify please?) - this also means each user gets his/her own config file, so the non-hidden password isn't as big of a deal, since your OS *should* hide/lock your home folder/documents from view by other users


Oh, and i think theres gonna be a small problem....wxWidgets has an HTTP class and such, so that you can get data from a server, however, you can only specify the URL, not the request data sent to the server. This also means there is no way to change the useragent.....

(however, there is an EXCELENT socket client/server class, so if you could get a server that you have access to "install" software on, like the blockland server or similar, then a "real" client/server could be written up so that it doesn't have to keep "reconnecting" to gcn.cemetech.net everytime a request is made)

UPDATE:Compiled and semi-tested a winXP executable. leme know if it works and/or what errors you get... (lol, the winXP .exe is larger than the source's that it came from...heh - although i DID use VC++, so thats the best its gonna get)

I won't be able to download wxWidgets till Monday because we have dial-up, but I downloaded the source....I wouldnt use VC++ on windows either. Use Cygwin or something like that
ironically, VC is the best windows compiler there is (ironic because M$ writes the worst code Wink )

I compiled with msys-mingw, but the app swells to 6+mb and requires more DLLs (more so with cygwin), whereas VC (using some wierd windowz v00d00) compiles it smaller (~1mb), faster, and doesn't require any extra DLL's (in other words, the same as GCC on linux Very Happy )

Maybe, if there's really a need for it, i'll compile the win .exe from linux using a cross-compiler (but why? VC works great)

--Oh yeah, i forgot that the wxWidgets source is ~25mb, that sucks to be on dial-up
Eh. Yeah, if you can specify the exact headers to send via a HTTP 1.1 socket, ElfPrince got the headers all figured out.
KermMartian wrote:
Eh. Yeah, if you can specify the exact headers to send via a HTTP 1.1 socket, ElfPrince got the headers all figured out.

and it took forever too Cool do you want me to post them here?
no, thats the problem, wxWidgets won't LET me specify the headers...(at least, not that i can find)

so elfprince, looks like your gonna be on your own with the connection Laughing (well, i'll try some more, but i don't think i'll get anywhere, srry)

(btw, i found the headers in the java-gcn's source, but that didn't help any)
Oh. :/ There's no other lib you can use?
guys, there is a reason for sourceforge, cant be that hard to find the source for an HTTP tool that doesnt require libs to build
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