I completed writing the gCn backend this evening, so now it is ready. I have the data all ready for elfprince to write the host backend, and I plan to add a feature to the http://gcn.cemetech.net page to allow people to test the system manually. The backend does three functions: ADD, FIND, and REMOVE. The find command is the main one that networks use to communicate; in gCn, the Cemetech username of the client calc's owner is used as a unique identifier, much like an IP. However, it avoids the problem of IP conflict because only the person who owns the account has the password, and there are no duplicate usernames, so there should never be two calcs with the same identifier on the network at the same time. Servers, for example, shall be identified with a username just as any other device, and calculators will issue a find command to the host, which pings Cemetech, returning a value to the host that the host passes on to the requesting calc. Then the calc can communicate directly with the server it wants via the host. This saves me a ton of bandwidth, since my original plan was to have the gcn.cemetech.net dump a complete online list to a host with every LIST request (now the FIND command). Look for further progress in this vital component of Doors CS 6 soon.
sounds cool
Thanks! Submitted to Maxcoderz: http://joepnet.com/hosted/maxcoderz/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=28936
Now, I know that just from my alias, I'm gonna get some immediate flames from you people. Add that to the title of this topic. And probably by the time you clicked on the link to this topic, you had your flame all ready in your mind. Hear me out.

I have worked on several versions of the CALCnet protocol, none of which I ever coded into a compilable ASM program. However, my musings have gotten closer and closer to a workable protocol for multipoint-to-multipoint (MP2MP) calculator communications, and I believe my latest iteration may hold the key with little or no modifications.

So what is it? As the name suggests, it's a two-layer protocol. The first, for calculator-to-calculator communication, allows up to 255 calculators on each network. At current the protocol is calc-independent, and though I'm planning it to initially be z80, there is a strong possibility for a 68k port. The second layer is hosts (computers) linked to the network via a graphlink or silverlink, that acts as a calculator on the network but is also a "resource" - it interprets requests for data outside of the network and fetches it, then injects the data into the network. The crux is the linking up of these hosts via gcn.cemetech.net - this stores all online calculators and hosts and allows any calculator in the world to connect to any other calc in the world.

Calc <---> Host <-----> gcn.cemetech.net <---> Host <-----> Calc

How much is done?
>>I have a host application author who is about 50% done with that part.
>>Today I completed the PHP/MySQL backend on my website
>>The z80 ASM coding is 0% complete

How likely is this to be completed? Fairly likely, actually, because it's something I've been working on for quite a few years in a plurality of forms, and it would be great for it to finally crystalize into something workable. The hardest part as I envision it is going to be working out the timing of the ASM program, especially since I'm hoping to be able to background it as an interrupt that reads/writes via buffers.

Now you may comment, compliment, and flame.
Im getting an autherror when I try to view the page Sad. Anyway, if you send me as much of the specificationas you have complete Ill get some more work done on my client program. The source for the current test driver would speed up development too Smile thanks.
Auth error because your browsertype isn't 'gCn_certified_host' Very Happy
how about the rest of my post?
Let's talk online.
Im almost never on YM! or AIM. Email me or something, or use PMing....I check that email, and PMs about every 80 minutes-160 minutes on the week.
Awesome. I shall PM you.
did you get my most recent PM? it doesn't seem to have gone through....
I can't PM you - please disable Email on PM in your profile. Smile
For some reason I still get a 403 when I PM you, but only you. Sad
Here's what I was gonna send: -->

it would be cool if you copy paste these all together for both of our later reference because I'm lazy. Very Happy

OK, so you also need to understand there's two types of ports. Within each CALCnet2 network, each calculator has a one-byte ID number. You need to keep track of these. However, you ALSO need to make a unique VIRTUAL port number for each device when it joins, and delete that from your table when it leaves. All communications with gcn.cemetech.net refer to the VIRTUAL port, and the virtualport MUST retain the same value, because other hosts will be contacting your host referring to that number. The port within the network may change as calculators arrive and leave, keep track of this in some kind of conversion table that can go up to 256 entries big. More to come.

okay, so why does there need to be a difference between the port and the ID#? why not use the same port for all communiations and have ID 0 keep track of which ID to send stuff to?
Because in nets with no host/resource (ie a comp) there is no need for those two separate sets. I only do this to save massive bandwidth drain on my server.
what script do I send login info to? last night I tried sending to gcn.cemetech.net/index.php and I got an access denied thing from your server.
just send it to http://gcn.cemetech.net
What error did you get exactly?
403 Forbidden.

so via http I would connect to gcn.cemtech.net and then use


as opposed to

POST /index.php HTTP/1.1

anyway, I have a Java application compiled and raring to go as soon as I fix the GCNConnection class to send stuff to the proper script via TCP/IP
Actually, either one should work. Weird, I get AUTHERROR3 if I just go to it in a browser, which is what I should get... Confused
thats what I thought because I tested it with a browser, and logged in. It is only when not from broowser that I get 403. I sent a screenshot to your Yahoo! mail account. Didn't post it here, since it shows my login info.
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