I just spawned a great idea, and put it to use! Cool

A Cemetech Chatroom on IRC!
Anywho, I just created one, its #cemetech on irc.esper.net .
If you don't have any chatroom programs, try downloading mIRC.
Currently, I am the admin there, but when many people join, i will add more, like Kerm for example.

I plan to have around 6-7 admins in total, the way i will make admins will be first come first serve, other than Kerm, Rivereye, and other big people here Wink .
Anywho, come meet me there when you can!
I will be there, and thanks for letting me admin/op
your welcome, just join and ill add you to the Auto-Op list.
Im still awaiting feedback from people, so please try joining whenever you can.
How do you join. I tried to join channel, but it said invite only? Confused
...its not invite only, try again.
Its #cemetech on irc.esper.net.
#cemetech unable to join channel (invite only)
I don't know what to do? And yes I am on irc.esper.net.
Wow, thanks for asking my permission. Mad
Actually, Cemetech does have an IRC channel, to let you know, which I'm making public on Monday. Smile
...whoops, im sorry Kerm, i was gunna op you when you came, so i didnt think it would matter =(.
Laughing Don't worry, you can leave it until I get mine all worked out. Smile
the efnet server?

a few things...

1. Nikky is refusing to hand it over... not sure why...
2. he did offer to make it -i (no invite needed)
3. In the meantime, we're using #alex10819 as a meeting place on EfNet
4. when i get control of the EfNet #cemetech (if i do), i will balance the admins with the security issues... i will give voice to any active forum user, ops to certain users, and set 2 members +n on my bots. However, i will NOT deactivate any security scripts in place on my bots.

5. You will all need to create a username on my bots... just get on efnet and "/msg AlexHelp hello", then "/msg AlexHelp PASS <pass>" (minus the brackets)
6. i still need bot hosts... anyone with 24/7 fast internet is eligible to help out Smile
The only way you'll have some semblance of control is by using the botnet that is currently inhabiting the channel.
hmm... good point... while im sure that could be done, i found an alternate solution...

#cemetek is our now... not only that, but somebody has been set +b until he can admit it wasnt nice of him to hold back a channel for no good reason...

of course, i could probably find a way to get #cemetech on my own... (wonders... hmm...)
ok, I went through all that work regeriting my nick, and now I go back to EFNet thanks Mad Laughing
ROTFL...poor rivereye. Just Joking
well, I like EFNet, that is where my channel is, and the ones I hang out at and troll once in a while Just Joking
Unfortunately @#^%^&%$^ing CalcGames went and stole my channel though.
Rolling Eyes Andy Rolling Eyes
Yeah, well, he just hates me. Dunno why, but let's not get into that.
either way. I hope we can get the channel
#cemetech on irc.worldnet.net is still open. The server isn't used often for TI channels, but it's where my channel is (#nerdyprods).
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