I watched Splice last night with Courtney, and I definitely recommend it to the rest of you. Definitely not your standard horror film. For probably the first 90% of the movie it was more touching than disturbing, though there was still a definite element of suspense. The next 9% was relatively standard monster movie stuff, but appropriately brief, and the very last scene was just really shocking on a human level.
hmm... really?
then i might actually go watch it...

since after watching the trailer i thought that it sucks because of all the cliche stuff of a genetic mistake type of movie/book.
And personally i find horror movies and book boring...

It was, if you will, a backwards monster movie. The focus of the movie was on the ethical implications of genetic engineering and Dren was a plot device to explore that theme more dramatically. Most horror/monster movies that feature genetic engineering use the genetic engineering as a plot device to explain the existence of the monster.
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