well im sure you all are aware of the bug that causes the nspire lcd screen to not turn on when using OS 1.1.

I know theres a a fix that calc4maniac created...

I would like to know if theres another way to fix it thats a permanent fix.. so i dont have to turn off the calc on that one program everytime i turn off
Nope, sorry. You'll have to wait for Ndless2 and so be able to upgrade to the 2.0 OS.

when will ndless2 come out?

also ndless2 would be nice if it did not need the oldest os ever

mabey it would not need 2.0 but something like 1.5 or even 1.3 would be nice........

what happens if i put ndless in and the n upgrade the os? would it still be there?

perhaps if i put the CAS 1.1 OS in my nspire? will that work?
Actually, it was me who created the fix. Wink

And we don't know enough about the hardware to fix the bug with the LCD.
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