Laughing And you didn't drop it after owning it for 4 days. Crying
I may have, but it has given me over a year of faithful service.
Let me rephrase that. You didn't break it after having it four days.
yeah, that is not something I did.
Well, I hope this works out OK.... Sad

Re: TBM OMG OMG OMG OMG w00t w00t!!! Pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!1111elevntyonehundredthousandmillion!!!11111!!11!!3412238972457893450908356-0

w00t, the train.
Indeed. I'm debugging the wheel issue with Luquado now.
yeah, I wondered about that. I hope it goes well.

I play chicken with the train play chicken with the train train, uh hu uh, uh hu uh
Laughing OK, It's almost completely fixed! Then I will be able to make the tracks.
cool, this is going to be sweet
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