Do you want a new game? Do you want the TBM's mephitis to be removed from TBG?
I want a new game. New, fresh, attracting.
 45%  [ 11 ]
I want RTB on the new engine.
 16%  [ 4 ]
I want TBM on the new engine.
 20%  [ 5 ]
I don't care.
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 24

My suggestion: remove TBM from TBG. Make a new game. Do not copy old crap.

If I want to play TBM, i'm opening my TBM and playing it. Same with RTB.

But when I open TBG, i don't want to see them - these games have their place. TBM in TBM, RTB in RTB, and in TBG there should be something i haven't seen yet.

CyberPrime assured me that he will cut off TBM from TBG, and they only put it in it as a placeholder, to test crap. But when I asked when is he going to do that, they all wanted me to post it as a suggestion.

I'm just curious when to come back to the TBG section so I can see a new game, not the one I am already playing for 3 years.

Who agrees?
A wanana a little but...
Why no?
Please list the things that you think are excessively similar that you don't like and what you think should be different about them. Keep in mind that all the models and vehicles and player stuff will be replaced with the LDraw parts library in the final version.
My List:
New Maps
New Weapons
New Loads (saves)
New Stuff (hats faces decals)
Physics (if it possible)
We need people, like you guys, to make new maps, weapons, saves, etc.
I'll be working on new maps as soon as I get a bit of work done on my thesis. I agree, we should try to separate ourselves from TBM (and Blockland v0002, of course) as much as possible by replacing and upgrading the artwork and models.
First, the main menu... It reminds me of TBM, but I still like it. It's good, you should keep it.
MAPS. They are all from TBM. OK, keep it as placeholders, but as soon as people start giving out new maps, you should replace them.
Same with all the content.

But it still isn't about the content, but about features and scripting.

I like that you started working on a new inventory and chat hud - thats kind of refreshing. The chat hud is unconfortable tho, but i like that you wanted to make something new.

Ingame guis: Options, all of them are just copypasted from TBM, maybe u moved 2 buttons somewhere. Admin menu also looks very much like it.

All this stuff - Editor Staff, iGob, even such details as bricklimit and toyboxes - it all STINKS with TBM! It came from TBM!

My point is to make something new.
In example i remember another TBG project that CyberPrime was also working on with Zack and other people. They didn't do almost any progress, but they had nice plans. I liked Zack's idea about scaling - there wasn't any wand or anything like that. You look at the brick, hold a button that "catches" the brick and then move your camera to somewhere else - that's how the its being scaled. I'm not telling you to add this, it's just AN EXAMPLE. THe idea was fresh and it didn't remind me of any of these two games.

Not only the artwork, you should change the cover, but you also should look inside and add NEW stuff!

TOB(TBM+shit) is here:

Not here, oh, no.
I will Assure you that I will be making maps Smile

I have to agree with floodnik's post. TBG looks just like another TBM Mod. If you remove all the TBM crap out of it and make it unique, then it will be great. As you said, you were just using TBM for testing. I want to see a little of RTB and TBM in it. Like RTBM = TBG.
I want to see none of TBM or RTB.
where keeping them for nistalgia
Scout24 wrote:
My List:
New Maps

We have those, and more are being made.

Scout24 wrote:

New Weapons

We have those too, and more coming, plus turrets + vehicles

Scout24 wrote:
New Loads (saves)

That's the POINT of a building game. you make those.

Scout24 wrote:
New Stuff (hats faces decals)

We've been adding new face and chest decals, but these are irrelevant more or less anyway once we get the LDraw parts library.

Scout24 wrote:
Physics (if it possible)

The vehicle physics are getting a big revamp already.
cant we have tbm as a optional mod?
They're Brick Building Games.
In the same engine.

Of course its gonna look the same. Neutral

Besides, TBM really had it worked out, i'm not precisely sure what you're planning to do that will dynamically change the game structure. Edits and updates may be so, but TBG is undeniably at least in the spirit of continuing TBM.
You still put a block on another block, scale some and have the option of fighting in what you build. If this is agitating you, then keep in mind that the same stuff is in Blockland Retail, RTB, etc.

IMO, removing TBM entirely is excessive. (and not very nice to those who came before, providing the basis to this idea; Kier, etc.)
my point exactly elrune. seriously, alot of people spent lots of time on tbm, it would be a shame to see it all abandoned.
Couldn't ToB/TBM items aswell as RtB items be optional addons with the addons system?
Lucas W wrote:
Couldn't ToB/TBM items aswell as RtB items be optional addons with the addons system?

Blockland will scream that we are unoriginal and steal stuff if you did.
No point kick dead horses as far as RTB is concerned.
CyberPrime wrote:
We need people, like you guys, to make new maps, weapons, saves, etc.

well can older maps from older versions of TGE work for Freebuild?cuz i might have a few to put in mind... ^_^
Xyno76 wrote:
CyberPrime wrote:
We need people, like you guys, to make new maps, weapons, saves, etc.

well can older maps from older versions of TGE work for Freebuild?cuz i might have a few to put in mind... ^_^

You could happily port all the TBM maps.
Im seriously not the smartest, but arent weapons and maps luxury problems?

I think 3-4 Weapons are enough, the community wont need more examples.
TBG doesnt need 3 diffrent shapes for the same gun.
Another point is that dozens of shapes and maps need more diskspace, and sohow require more downloadtime.

Saying that TBG should not copy from either TBM or RTB is a nice idea, but wont be easy. Why should TBG try to reinvent the wheel?
If you want a stable version soon, cope with the old stuff.
If you want a mindblowing new system, post ideas, but before you post use your brain, and if that is not enough you could use google, too, but, we are all just humans. Execpt Kerm.
In my opinion the TBG-Team did a great job, but is far away from a finished game.
I had a ton of ideas for features to add, improve, or remove. But at this point a lot of them will be pointless to try to make until elfprince makes those core changes to the engine, including LDraw and better script support.
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