Should a lego plane be made?
 90%  [ 10 ]
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

I remember me (or Hello) suggesting to Feedback to make a passenger jet that could hold passengers while the driver drives them to diffrent airports. Seeing as there already are real life lego planes that you can buy, it wouldn't be so hard to make one for TBG if you got a image of one.

Another Thourght: If the plane crashes, it could smash in half or just simply explode.
I think some kind of non-violent destruction would be best. And this could certainly be done; I'd be happy to try to model and implement it.
Ramdomly coloured bricks spewing out?
You know the first thing I'm gonna do with one of these is fly it into buildings in DM-Antioch.
Lucas W wrote:
Ramdomly coloured bricks spewing out?

I like this idea, and would use it as the default vehicle explosion if someone made it.
I think that's reta- I mean silly. I'd rather have an explosion of some sort, but then again I can always mod that in over your existing explosions.
what about a normal explosion with some lego bricks flying out?
I agree, a good looking explosion with some multi-colored lego bricks flying out would be cool.
make use of debris.
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