After some discussion yesterday we're making our announcement here. There's some good news and some bad news Wink Lets start with the bad news so you can all be grumpy for a couple seconds before you get to the good news. The FreeBuild demo will not be released today. We've been working our butts off to get it to you today, however outside circumstances have conspired to prevent that. I'm currently staying at my family's house in Maine, and I rely on my Wi-Fi connection being broadcast between parabolic antennae a mile apart, and then repeated in the house. The connection is sketchy at best, but we're in the midst of 3 blizzards converging on the lake, and the rate of packet loss across the lake makes accessing SVN nearly impossible for me. I'll be home sometime this weekend, or monday, and will do my best to get the demo out as quickly as possible after that point, targetting next weekend as the alternative

Now for the good news. Now that we have something resembling a workable game, the FreeBuild team would like to open up our SVN repository to checkout (not commits, though users should feel free to submit patches through our bug tracking system where they can be vetted by the development team), in the spirit of other cathedral-style development open source projects. The game isn't quite ready for demo, but it is playable (though we strongly recommend using the join by ip functionality). To aid in using this functionality, feel free to post about your server, and the IP of your server, in the "Servers & Activities" section of the forums.

One last note, FreeBuild still uses several models from the original blockland alpha. These are not part of Blockland Retail, and we in no way take credit for their creation. They are a stepping stone towards our future plans for using the LDraw parts library, and given that the community from which this project arose has had use of them without complaint for several years, we felt that it was fair for us to continue using them on an interim basis.

Happy New Years and please begin checking out the game and providing us with feedback.
The repository is located at
Graphing Calculator

it be relased about 2 or 3 days a think

Good Idea
Good luck i hope to play whenever its ready,no rush
huh... I had a feeling this would happen, man i shouldn't feel so exited yesterday, i think i was because of the new year ^_^
It's still something fun and exciting to play with, thanks Elfprince13 and CyberPrime!
You can supposably user TortoiseSVN to download the whole directory.
Anyone care to do a tutorial?
Mine keeps asking for password. Sad
I have begun playing and testing
And it seems awesome.
One problem: I can't seem to enter vehicles (like the Kart and Dragon)
press b.
I don't like the way the kart turns. lean to far and you'll go door surfing...
Ahhhh thanks.
lol another problem: switches.
Some doors move the right direction.
But they align themselves diagonally.
Its super retarded
fiveforce wrote:
I don't like the way the kart turns. lean to far and you'll go door surfing...
Yup, I never really liked the physics of it when I was working on it back in the day; I'll try to get around to retweaking it.
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