Three of us, Gerald Rising, Eileen Schoaff and Deborah Moore-Russo, have just completed two new texts related to this subject.

The first is Programming Your Calculator, which is an eBook available through or other providers. It provides an elementary introduction to programming the TI-84 and TI-83 series. More information about this text is at the website

The second text is a far more major undertaking. Its title is About Mathematics. It is a text for college liberal arts majors (aka math avoiders) and is supported by over 150 canned TI-84 calculator programs. More about this text is at:

I would be happy to share some of the programs that support this text with members of this forum. Some of them are simple but many are very complex. For example, one group of programs plays Sudoku, another program graphs the results of a series of plays at roulette.

You can reach me through either of those websites.
This is great! The more books on these topics, the better, I think. I worked closely with my university's professors in our CS1 conference that we host every year, so I'm particularly interested in the Math for Liberal Arts book. Getting students who aren't otherwise mathematically inclined to learn about math and CS topics was a big goal of the conference.
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