By just running the program it can seriously play music to headphones you connected to it?
I've tried to do this before but never made it work and I just gave up. I gotta' try this out. Smile
Zay velcome to ze noobie everyvone!
hello there, I hope you find it benifitial, but make sure you are using an 83, and not an 83+ (I don't think there is a plus prot yet), correct me if I am wrong Kerm.
Thanks, yeah, I'm actually gonna release v2.0 with 83+ support quite soon.
I would definitally make one for the 83+, thats what I have.
-The Noobie
K, most people have those now, so I'm shifting away from supporting the TI-83 regular (unfortunately).
I sometimes tends to forget you joined in 1999, not in 2002 (since your first uploaded program at was in 2002)
Wait, what do you mean? Where did I join?
who knows, but oh well. I have been in the community since the end of '04
Actually, I DID start programming in 1999, but I didn't release anything until March 28, 2002.
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