First, we'll start with a screenshot of the icon and file icon.

Great icon Kerm. Cool I hope the rest of it is as good as the icon. Very Happy

Could you explain any new features please?
I've worked on it for about two hours so far. I've implemented the main GUI, opening files from within mt3, open files through the AP system, and displaying song information. Next are hotspots and hotkeys, then song playing code.
It would be cool if it would allow you to run songs (mp3 and other common formats) from a USB flash drive. Maybe you could have mTunes on the flash drive and it would run it right from there. (Obviously this would only be available to people who have the cable, but if you accomplished this it would be AWESOME.)
Oops, forgot the screenshot. Here we go:

Looks awesome! As you know, (or if you have a very good memory span) I was dying to find a good on-calc music player. I hope this one is it! Very Happy

And please respond that if there is anyway that playing mp3's is possible as I explained above. Question
Probably not, since the z80 probably doesn't have nearly enough processing power to decode mp3 files. I think the lower limit is around a 8 (or something like that) mHz ARM processor to decode mp3.
Well, if you need some midis to convert and experiment with, there are plenty here: Razz
And once you have MIDIs, you can drop them into the converter application and then tweak them. Note that it doesn't make mt3 songs yet.
Woah, it can play QuadPlayer songs? Wow. 4 notes at a time! (Or can it?)
which is why I posted the link so you can use one to make the converter Razz
calc84maniac: yes indeed. I'm working with Ben, and it will be able to use the QuadPlay 1.1 core routines.
So will it actually be displaying the progress in the bar down there? If so, then very nice. Multi-tasking ftw! Very Happy
Wait, while on DCS you will be able to listen to music AND do other stuff? if true... Good Idea Good Idea Good Idea Good Idea Good Idea!
No, it's just some easy 'multi-tasking' with both playing music and changing the progress bar. It's not really multitasking, just use of interrupts.
O Sad ....well i could always hope this could be made possible in the not so far away future. Smile
Make a button that immiedatly stops everything and starts playing random techno music Very Happy lol
Beta complete! I just need to check that the intra-note pause isn't too large.

So, you got something to make mt3 proggies, eh?

*tifreak8x wants now! Razz
[post abridged by Kerm after he downloaded the contents]
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