yeah I di, still need to run it though.
Ah, OK. Same deal with me. I hope it's kinda sorta goodish. Smile
Laughing That's probably what I'd do. And maybe modify your signature too. Very Happy

Or change my rank (like what you changed it to after I was a 'Cemetech Admin' for about a month Razz Laughing)

And I still haven't gotten my e-mail with the link to X-Cad yet (come to think of it, I haven't been getting a few things lately; I deposited money to my bank account about a week and a half ago, and it's not showing up, and I still haven't gotten my PayPal Debit Card that I requested almost six months ago...)
Have you checked your bulk mail folder? Very Happy
or spam filters, they catch stufff like that. Always check that stuff, it is helpful
Yeah, they sometimes catch valid stuff.
Well, I called PayPal about 3 days ago (again); apparently their servers crashed and my request was never sent to the manufacturer of the debit cards...Mad So I had 'Tech Support' manually add me in, so I should get it sometime next week Smile Then it's off to eBay!

(But I still need to know what happened to the $59.50 I sent to my bank account about two weeks ago...)
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