I just finished (aout a week ago) Version 2.0 of my Ulitmate pong game. The features, over that of 1.0.1 and 1.1 is the gameplay is smoother, the screen doesn't flicker due to the no longer use of ClrDraw, the game, I think anyways is faster, and the game is over 100 bytes smaller from 1.1, making it only 687 bytes (compare that to of Kerm's whih is 766). Also, the gameplay goes farther, and now, It traps in a true box. I will upload the version today, I hope.
Excellent! So let's review: who's made an entry for this contest, and where do you have it?

Kerm - http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/60/6077.html
anyone else?
OMFG! Not trying to spam, but did you guys actually go through with this idea? My meager calc-programming skills would not let me do this...
yeah, we went through with it. I was the only non-elitist to complete it it looks lie though. When I upload it, you can see what I did.
And indeed you did upload it.

I will have to check my upload folder... Haven't been on there for a couple days...
I still have to upload the release zip to Ticalc.org and TI-FreakWare. THe file I link to is just the 8xp file
<off-topic>TI-Freak8x, your avatar's 404ing. Rivereye, fixed 'Ulitmate' to 'Ultimate'. Very Happy
Ok, back on topic, those who have played version 2, your opinions/ratings?

Now, don't hold nothing back.
I think you did a good job with it, the controls and logic seems well-made and precise. I believe it could be optimized a bit more, but overall it's a very good first game. Good Idea
where could I have optimized? Look at the source and let me know, I only locked it for if stupid people (aka kids at school) hit on or find an error.
Laughing Have no fear, I just need to boot up DCS5 Professional Edition and voila! unlocked. Smile
Well, I think you could have used some smarter control structures, but honestly the code is pretty tight...
what do you mean by smarter control structure? I'm here to learn.
Cool. OK, for example when you have your hit detection routines to check if the ball hits and bounces off a paddle or not, make sure that you use implicit, not explicit, boolean logic whenever possible. I didn't examine your code too closely, so I don't remember how you had it, but I would recommend use (condition A)(condition b) instead of Condition a AND condition b and condition a+condition b instead of condition a OR condition b.
ok, I might do that, see if it changes anything.
It should speed it up a hair. Another advantage of that is you can create nested boolean logic, eg:

If ((A=1)+(B=1))(C=1)

This would be true only when C=1 and one or more of A and B =1.
all right, now if Jon keeps his promise of someone who can make a playable version of this, they get full Elite Mambership, I should be in then, in theroy.

BTW, how come no one from the Elite has said anything about approving my game?
Good question, it could just be that the BASIC Elite members haven't been online since the site was offline.
Except TI-Freak 8x and you Kerm, you could post there too you know, give instructions or something.
Ah, OK. Well, I think the best thing at this point would be to get Hart and Jon to come back.
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