Who wants to have a contest?
 88%  [ 16 ]
 11%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 18

Yeah I agree it is much easier to churn out BASIC games and debug then Assembly. With assembly yoi have to assemble,send to the emulator,run the program,then look through the code and start over. With BASIC it is just 2nd+Mode and then find your program and press enter then search for the bug. But I contradict myself when I look at tr1p1ea's 3D grayscale asteriods game Shock that was coded in a day Shock. Oh well that's just tr1p1ea.

I also agree with a contest for prizes would bring in mroe participants.(I would participate no matter what though.)

And ASM with BASIC and XBASIC(Hybrid BASIC) would be a good contest. There should be no splitting of the languages.
The last thing we need is the TI-Jimcrowlaws. Wink
But ASM programs can do things that BASIC programs can't and will probably never do and that's not fair.
If you go lib-crazy, the only thing that limits you is speed.
An extremely good basic programmer would shut up and except it as a challange. Let's all pretend to be good Smile.
Hmm... indeed, a challenge. Let us venture forth and do something useful.
true. I am going to take ideas for the next contest, PM me your ideas and I will go through them and make my decision from there (you can submit more than one idea also, and you will be credited with the idea also).
KermMartian wrote:
I agree with Harq and Mexi. Anytime after 5/10 would be pwninimity.

Well I thought I would revive this topic since it is past most of every bodies exams (at least I think it is) and I would really want to see a contest take place.
There are certain levels of rating that would be unbiased. Take speed--if it's ASM, take the ASM speed standard, and if it's Basic, take into consideration that it is.

Or, you could have separate categories for Asm, Basic, and hybrid Basic.
The different ways of programming (Assembly, BASIC, and Hybrid BASIC) can be beneficial depending on what type of game is being made. For example, arcade games are easier in ASM or Hybrid BASIC because of speed. I think the games shouldn't be split, but they would receive extra points for being in BASIC, and then more extra points the less libraries the person used. This would not only make people think about which libraries to use, but also for good assembly programmers to make their own libraries.

Too bad my secret project doesn't fit into the side-scroller/action theme... Sad
well, I have to work every day until Tuesday. How about this, on Tuesday, people can meet me on IRC (unitedti server, #rivereye?), then we hash out lots of details, then I will release them on late Tuesday or Wednesday. How does that work for people?
Tuesday....what time? I have piano from 4:15--~6:00 (I live near Chicago).
irc.efnet.net, #cemetech. Be there or be square.
I will try and get on by noon, EDT. Come when you can if you wish to discuss it. I guess we will go with Kerm's channel.
Tuesday? How about Monday, since it's Memorial Day Weekend?
Monday at 4pm EDT / 3pm CDT / 2pm MDT / 1pm PDT?
I have to work on Monday is why Tuesday. It is better for myself (and being I am the contest runner, I thought it was in my power to schedule such things).
rivereye wrote:
I have to work on Monday is why Tuesday. It is better for myself (and being I am the contest runner, I thought it was in my power to schedule such things).
Yeah, but I think almost everyone else has school and/or other commitments on Tuesday. Can we make Tuesday work if we have the conference later in the evening, guys?
As long as it's after 7 and I remember to go on IRC (somebody PM me something at 7 if I don't), it's fine with me.
true, I can be on all day. And you don't have to be on for the entire thing.
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