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for those of you gamers out there like me i recommed that if you have a playstation 2 to pick up kingdomhearts 1 and since it is so good i would also recommend taking a look a t kingdomheats 2 which i have not played yet. and if you have a gameboy advance i would recommend picking up kingdom hearts:chain of memories.
What kind of game is it? And what are the graphics, gameplay, controls, etc like?
it is a real time rpg. graphics are excellent some of the best i have ever seen. the controls are exellently laid out. and the only problem with the game play is every now and then the camera messes up and also there is just one other problem and that is that the cut scenes are to long.
Yeah, games tend to have too many cutscenes and not enough gameplay. Bah. Sounds interesting though!
it has a lot of gameplay. if you just blast through the game and do none of the challenges and if you do not worry about leveling your charecter than it will be about a minimum of aaproximatley 30 hours. but if you do all the stuff i imagine it will be a great deal more time
I assume then that you did it that way? Laughing
well i am still playing through the game
Oh, ok. How far are you thus far?
I LOVED Kingdom Hearts! It had one of the best battle systems I've ever used. Also, if you catch all of the dalmations and lock the hundred acre woods, you get a freaking awesome cut-scene trailer for KH2. I must have played through it 5 times!
Dalmations? Hundred Acre woods? That's like 101 Dalmations+Winnie the Pooh = wtf
Disney went all out with KH. If I were you and you had a GBA, I would personally choose one of the Megaman Battle Network games. For the most part, the storylines for each of them are good, you can skip the cutscenes if you went, and it has an excellent battle engine.
KermMartian wrote:
Dalmations? Hundred Acre woods? That's like 101 Dalmations+Winnie the Pooh = wtf

Kingdown Hearts is an RPG with a bunch of Disney characters (as extrass - they aren't the ones you play as)
I was gonna say, is this a Disney game? Fair enough.
KermMartian wrote:
I was gonna say, is this a Disney game? Fair enough.

Its not made by Disney, but by Square Soft (same people who make the final fantasy series)
so what does the Hundred Acre Woods have to do with this?
That's what I'm working on figuring out. Still haven't quite gotten it yet... Razz
Okay, you are a boy with a big key as a weapon. The enemies, called 'heartless' attack all of the disney worlds (Little mermaid world, peter pan world, alice in wonderland world ect...). You go to all of these worlds and "lock" them off from the heartless to save them. The hundred acre woods is hidden. You don't actually have to lock it. You only lock it so you can get the cool ending.
That's... frightening. okay Very Happy
Laughing Okay, so my old Kingdom Hearts topic here *disappeared* some months ago, and is replaced by this...Very Happy

I couldn't wait, so I got the KH2 game in Japanese when it came out in Japan December 22 Very Happy Played through it and I agree with lafferjm that it has WAY too many FMVs, even if you can skip them. Although I must say they REAlly F***ED UP with the intro to KH2 in English.

@lafferjm: Do you have the Ultima keyblade?
no, because since i can only play games on the weekends and stuff i have not gotten very far on kingdom hearts 1. but on kingdom hearts:chain of memories i have gotten the ultima keyblade.
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