If DCS > MOS, and according to this MOS > GSM, then DCS > GSM. We must inflate DCS's stats! Very Happy Just Joking
Actually, its ranking is actually rising slowly.
Hate to rain on your parade, but GSM is now rated 8.99 and mos is rated 9.65, gsm is at 14th place Sad
What the heck?!?

I bet a bunch of arses decided that MOS must remain supreme or something, and voted it down. I wonder if ticalc would be able to check the last few votes on that, cause that isn't fair... <.<
It was three votes that did it. Hmm, they probably all gave it a '1' or something. Razz
So I'm not the only one who saw? Good.

I made posts at UTI and TIFW. GSMS fell so quickly!



ticalc.org has got to watch for that kind of stuff. If something is in 2nd place, and people vote it lower than a 7, isn't that kind of suspicious?
Harrierfalcon wrote:
ticalc.org has got to watch for that kind of stuff. If something is in 2<sup>nd</sup> place, and people vote it lower than a 7, isn't that kind of suspicious?

No, that person may have a genuine problem with it, like he/she experienced a rare bug that caused a RAM clear - I'd be pretty pissed about that if I was that person, and I certainly wouldn't give it a good rating.
with the ratings, they should keep every ratings, but when averaging a file's votes to calculate the rating they display it should ignore outliers.
I don't think it was a coincidence that the rating dropped the day after it tied MOS though... >_>
and that it got consecutive low ratings after all of good ones it got.
Never fear!!

If people play unfairly, then I'll go use my 2 test accounts I created to help average it out Evil or Very Mad (where is the devil emoticon when you need it?)

I'll still keep my real account voting it as a 9, though.

Maybe I'll even vote down MOS, though 2 ones will have little with it's 270 some ratings. I never liked MOS anyway, so I think I gave it 3 or 4 the first time...

EDIT: LOL, I wonder how long Penguin Studios Agility will last it on the list. I told 2 guys to rate it, though I didn't seriously think they would Laughing

Which reminds me... How does ticalc.org do the weighted rating system?

I'm not sure they use a weighted average, but according to DarkerLine there were some screwy statictics Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

So they might, but no one knows how it works.
yes, they do use weighted averages.
elfprince13 wrote:
yes, they do use weighted averages.
I believe that ticalc.org gives more weight to the people with older accounts, so that somebody can't just create lots of duplicate accounts to manipulate the program rankings (like what some of you are doing with Grayscale Minesweeper and MirageOS).
That means the people who made MOS can vote it way down because they've been longtime members! Totally unfair... =/
I'd hope that the people at Detached Solutions are above such petty squabbles over ranking.
Honestly, I don't think this was meant as some form of sabotage (at least in a large scale). I expect some users had real problems with it, but it's still very impressive that it got saw the level of popularity that it did. Do you think it would have gotten as high as it did if none of the people here had voted for it?
I don't even think Dan Englender and Jason Kovacs have heard of Grayscale Minesweeper, considering they have both basically moved on from the TI community (Dan Englender occasionally contributes to WikiTI, but that's about it).
It's 84...
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