I'll do it....I'm just amazed. It's reached that position in less than 7 days!

Aptly titled "Grayscale Pawnage":
I bet'd have more DL's if you had some screenys >.< oh wells. Hm I have to get this powerpoint done... =(
I will make sure to vote as soon as I have time. 10/10 for sure!
That's pretty impressive. Very Happy Everyone better give DCS a 10/10 at the same time. Wink
/me glances at our review trading section.
I submitted a review for it and voted 10/10 =D It is a great game lol.
Amazing job. I just voted 10/10. It's the most played game in my school. (thx to me, the only person in the whole school who knows how to do anything with calculators besides math)
This is definitely a great program; hopefully it will get more users to come to Outside The Box Programming!

I only gave it 9/10 (guess I'm the one pulling the rating down Laughing ) because it wasn't the most original. I also submitted a review, but I seriously doubt it'll become available for all to read any time soon.

I plan on distributing it to everyone who wants calculator games the moment I get my hands on some new batteries.

@pseudoprogrammer: It does have a screenshot (an animated one at that) included in the zip file, but calc84maniac forgot to include it when he submitted it.

As for DoorsCS, I think I also gave it 9/10 because it WON'T PLAY ALL ASM GAMES!!! (cough, CMASTER, cough). I wrote a review for it also.
b-flat wrote:
Yeah, you should probably start a new topic; this barely pertains to greyscale minesweeper (I always spell it with an e instead of a; I don't know which was is correct).

grey == gray

Same word, same meaning, two spellings. Take your pick Smile
Oh, and I guess I did include the screeny, it just appeared long after the others. And HOLY CRAP SECOND PLACE LOL!

This is outrageous! EVERYONE KEEP VOTING!

Only .06 more and it is #1!

EDIT: To make it faster give Mirage a 1 and Minesweeper a 10. Very Happy
Actually, .06 more would tie them. .07 would make it #1.

But anyways, a great game!
Mirage really doesn't deserve a 1. It's a useful, stable shell.
I believe this is known as "Corruption". Give it what you want. Graphics are pawnsome, but gameplay gets old after a while.
except that he's asked you to rate it as you see it, not a 9 or 10. thus he's getting what people really think it is.
And I never even asked people to rate it in the first place...
It's tied with MOS!!!
Poor imageshack... they must be confused after seeing pics of the same file list over and over.
1 more one hundreth of a point, and you have the best ranked program at the moment, dethroning the previous king of Mirage. I like mirage, but it's not as good as Crunchy or DCS (especially, nothing can comper to DCS Smile )
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