Which contest would you support?
 25%  [ 7 ]
 11%  [ 3 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
 14%  [ 4 ]
 40%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 27

I think that we should try to come up with the topic of the next contest soon Wink


When I say AI I mean something that would involve ai making decisions (like making a 20 (probably more) question game on the calc)

Post it up if you have any other ideas.
I say racing =P, but math would be cool... I had a neat idea for a yet another triangle program.. but it will do more then the ones out there. more then just solve angles and sides =P
I say platformer, etc.
I say platformer, I'd be very interested in the games that result.
oh can I uncast my vote plox. now that by AI i know you dont mean like talking to a computer =P
If that wins I plan on making a 20-question implementation (like my example) It could be fun and there are many ways you could do it.
How would you program every possible answer into it. If I picked 'a milk carton' would it get that? lol
It probably could if I gave it enough time and enough different things, but I will just put in the things like door and light and stuff Razz

I am not going to spend the time answering all the questions for more than 50 objects Wink
Puzzle games are underrated. RPGs and platformers get lame on a tiny black and white screen. Graphics don't matter in puzzle games and work great on calculators.
I think a Reversi AI would be interesting. It is one of the less complicated AIs in programming. Plus, you can battle the AIs in a tournament to find the best.
to battle the ai's would require a whole other program...

Reversi AI would be difficult in Basic, ok?

I mean something a little less complicated.
I would make some sort of battle AI, welcome to cemetech nitacku..
We should point more people to the contest this time. Everytime there have only been a few people in the contest, no fun Sad
if we make it racing I can enter my not finished in time last contest entry =P
Hehe, I like the AI, Puzzle, and Platformer ideas. I think I may choose to enter instead of judge this contest...
Then I guess we will already know the winner... Razz

Platformer is like donut quest or stuff like that?
Um, I don't know what Donut Quest is, and I don't have time to look it up before I leave for school, but a platformer is like Mario or Contra.
It's platformer/sidescroller/arcade, so snake and pac-man and all that stuff works, too
Donut quest falls solely under the heading of puzzle, maybe arcade. That would be a stretch though.
actually, I could go with a racing game, with Daytona coming up in about 4 weeks, then I will be watching people go around in a circle. Just my thought though. Would be cool if we could see something football related to (with the Super Bowl coming up soon).
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