Check this out it is my first java application created ever. and in a couple of days i am going to start on another one that is going to be a text editor. anyways here is the first one i created.

when the box comes up chose open with java websmart or something like that. anyways you can enter your own numbers or click quick pick to randomly select some and than click play. when it starts it tells you how long it would take you to get a 6 of 6 with those numbers. and how many draws it took and stuff like that.
in my text editor i want to put a choice under file in the menu that exits the program. how could i make the program stop if the exit button is clicked. and also how could i close a window or something if an ok or cancel button is clicked?
alright i have made great progress on my text editor. and in about a week i might release a beta version. as of now it has all the components added and you can exit from the menu. now all i have to do is program everything else wich wont be to hard.
Good job. Smile
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