Title says it all, in a message sent out to vendors like Mouser informing them they are discontinuing the Z80C00 product line and last orders need to be put in by June 14th 2024. The wording seems to imply this is the last active Z80 product line and I have no reason to doubt that.


Hack-a-day article: https://hackaday.com/2024/04/19/end-of-life-for-z80-cpu-and-peripherals-announced/
Wow, that's really sad to hear! The silver lining in this is that it's nearly trivial these days to embed a z80 IP block in an ASIC, so if someone really wants to build a z80-based device, it's not entirely impossible. I do wonder if this has any impact on the timeline for TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus non-CE calculators to still be manufactured, even though they do still use such an ASIC: those calculators feel increasingly irrelevant as monochrome scientific calculators get more feature-full and the color-screen calculator milieu continues to expand.
Will be a sad day indeed - what a titan of history the Z80 is.
Something about the impact of the Z80 on computing made it seem like they'd keep making 'em until they went bankrupt or hobbyists went extinct. Oh well, all the devices people already made with them will still be here when they stop producing it. Including our favorite graphing calculators Wink
Ben Heck of Ben Heck Hacks posted a nice tribute to the Z80 on his youtube channel though its a shame TI calculators don't feature more prominently in them given that is likely how many younger people have interacted with them.
That's a nice tribute indeed, thanks for sharing, although it is a shame that there's but such a short clip of the TI calculator family.
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