Hi there,

I was wondering what the recommended driver for TI Silverlink cable (2.5mm to USB) is? Do I install software from Texas Instruments as this driver (https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/222/22255.html) doesn\'t work for Windows 11 probably would have to put in mode for no certificates or it might not work as folder showed 98 or XP? Wondering what the recommended driver is for the silverlink cable is for programming stuff.

I installed TILP for the USB Mini cable and Zadig for a TI-84 Plus.

Interested in playing around with it.

Saw that https://brandonw.net/360bridge/ uses both silverlink and usb mini cable

Also have Arduino and was interested in writing programs on both device to make use of serial to show stuff on display will need to get a 2.5mm plug with 3 leads.

Might be a bit tricky to understand but might be able to use OTG re disney infinity pad if I learn to understand asm for HID re usb8x and created a Y shaped cable re OTG plus additional power from a battery and need to short pins to convert a usb mini b to usb mini a.

Looking at https://github.com/TI-Toolkit/awesome-ti-docs

If you want to write any software of your own that talks through the silverlink, you'll need to use a libusb driver (usually via Zadig) and that should work fine with TiLP. That also applies for using "direct USB" (connect to the USB port on a calculator). The driver you linked on ticalc.org is very obsolete and you shouldn't use it.
I cannot seem to connect via Silverlink. I've installed libusb-win32 (v1.2.7.3) and it doesn't seem to work with TILP2

In device manager, the device ID is USB\VID_0451&PID_E001&REV_0208

Is this the right driver?

The mini usb works fine with tilp2.

I did get the cable secondhand but wouldn't it not show device ids in Device Manager in Windows?

I have Windows 11 on my computer so is that why it doesn't work?
Never mind. Looked through file options and it's working. I reinstalled maybe a newer version of TiLP-II or not.
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