I have bought a TI-Nspire CX recently. I have attempted to plug it into my PC in order to connect it via the Nspire calculator link, but nothing I try can make any TI software be able to find the calculator. Can anyone help me?
This is is a bit broad, can you narrow the parameters of what you have ex/
1)Did you buy this calculator used or new?
2)Is your computer's OS supported by the program?
3)Are you using an interpreter program as a middle man to use the program (like wine on linux)?
4)Do you have the drivers installed?
5)Do the ports and cables you are using function properly or at least look that they do?
6)Is your program older than your calculator's OS?
7)Did TI give up on this program and create an new one (like ti-connect does not work with newer 84+'s and requires TI connect CE?)
8)Is it a II or CAS model?
1) New
2) Yes
3) Nope
4) I was not aware of a driver existing Neutral
5) They function
6) I sure hope not, I downloaded the latest version
7) This is the only program for the nspire cx I
Cool No
I personally like nlink better since I could never get the official linking software to work.
Downloaded Nlink, it couldn't see the calculators either
That's strange. It might be a cable issue. Maybe try a different cable if you haven't already. Also reboot the calculator.
This is the only mUSB cable I have, sadly. I've tried rebooting either.
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