So, I'm working on a TI-BASIC program on my 83P to easily manipulate the data in matrices without having to type all the stuff in yourself. And I pretty much have it working on a singular matrix, but I'm looking to see if there's a way to specify what matrix you want to work on without having to go into edit mode and manually hard code the program to the matrix you're working on ahead of time.

The reason I even built this is because I've been working on a universal score keeping system for games on my calc that use a high score top 10 ranking, and I have a system that works fairly nicely (A 20x13 matrix where each row is a separate game's scores and totals, and a list that we transfer data back and forth between the game and the matrix with), and I wanted to be able to edit it with minimal effort to manually input scores from a previous system without having to run 70 some odd games again. And it ended up working out so nicely, I want to use it for other matrices too. But yeah, is it possible to select a matrix on the fly for editing (preferably with user input) with TI-BASIC?

Edit: I figured it out. Took me about 100 extra lines, but I have it working so you can select 0-9, which of course corresponds to A-J, and then it acts appropriately based on what number M contains.
I'm glad you get it figured out! This sounds like an interesting project. I hope you tell us more about it, and how you solved your hurdle!
merthsoft wrote:
I'm glad you get it figured out! This sounds like an interesting project. I hope you tell us more about it, and how you solved your hurdle!

Sure thing! So, to solve the problem, it was a rather mundane solution, which was, I just ask the user to input a number between 0..9, corresponding to A..J, and then make a check at each matrix-specific step in the process, to check

Disp "Select a matrix","to edit","(0=A...9=J)"
Input "",M
If M=0
Disp "[A]"
If M=1
Disp "[B]"
If M=8
Disp "[I]"
If M=9
Disp "[J]"

It wasn't nearly as elegant as I was hoping, though, I'm genuinely considering trying to making the whole thing a subroutine, but I'm not sure how to go about that with this kind of scenario, with TI-BASIC being as limited as it is.

If it's not too large, and you're interested in taking a look at it, I'd be more than happy to share the src with y'all here, but it IS 121 lines right now, so I don't know if that's too long to share in a post or not.
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