Overall, I'd take a TI 84+ SE. Monochrome, reliable, the cable is readily available, 15mhz cpu, and lotsa flash memory! I'm also most familiar with it that line in general.
I'd pick the 83+ SE if it was a "desert island" deal, where the (personally deal-breaking) proprietary cable isn't an issue That clear case is great, as said above.
My only other aside: if possible, id try to jerryrig a rechargable battery to either one. Just a quality-of-life thing, and the only thing that has me considering an 84+ CE seriously.
I would definitely go for the Casio fx-CG50 / Graph 90+E which is really a nice calculator to program.
It is clearly not as powerful as HP Prime or TI nSpire but it can handle quite interesting addins (utilities and games).
With a more powerful CPU and more RAM/Flash, that would be the absolute perfect machine.
I like the 84+ SE but I absolutely hate the original 84+ form factor. A monochrome screen is definitely required, as I'd likely be playing games on it half the time anyways, and if it's got high res color graphics like a casio Prizm then I may as well play a mobile game. Besides, casio has a much smaller community, and the prizm is built like shit compared to the 84+CE. (though strictly for math purposes, the hardware specs blow TI out of the water and so a prizm is my everyday carry model)

In the end, I think the retro charm of the monochrome calcs edge out any of the color screen competition, 84+CE included. Additionally, the weirdly shaped buttons of the original TI 84 series (84+/C/SE) automatically disqualify it, better LCD contrast and computing specs be damned. Leaving me with.... the TI-83+ SE.
Which, I don't have. I'll just make due with my original 83+ for now.
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