The game you've all been waiting for... TINY JUMPER 2!

Now including:

  • New levels!
  • More assets!!
  • More options!!!!
  • More death messages!!!!!!!!
  • secrets

Currently, there are 8 levels finished. New options have been added, including many more color options for your player (once unlocked). Kept the nice, simple design of game, but changed up the colors and added some sprites to the UI. Thank you to TIny_Hacker for the color palette and sprites. 6279204B526F442E204D6F7265206461726B2068756D6F722E2E2E2061207265616C206E756767657421206574697270736E776F72756F796574616572636E6163756F797469736168726F6D757220
There's a Discord server here
Let's go, the original was so simple yet polished and very fun to play and try to improve scores. I'll definitely download this right away, it looks like a worthy sequel!
I'm excited for the release! Very Happy
This is great! I was wondering whether you could make a level where the user would have to time his moves so precisely or they won't make it in time. Like a level with tiles that slide in an order that won't repeat until maybe 2000 times later, so that the user would have to time everything extremely precisely! Smile Another idea is to have a moving red block that aims at your user and the user has to keep moving away from it while trying to navigate to the end.
Definitely a sequel that I'll be interested in playing, I had a lot of fun with the original and this looks even more polished. That new settings/customization menu is particularly nice, though I might suggest lining up the "Reset times" with the rest of the options, as well as possibly formatting the copyright/author footer in the same way that the page title is shown (darker green background, light green text) for consistency.

Are you planning on having any sort of pre-release program through your Discord server, or will it just be for development updates and insight?
Is this still in development? I just beat the original Tiny Jumper and I'm looking forward to this sequel!

Whatever the "10 gold needed" is, could it be settings for your character (i.e.: adding gradience, or making different layers. Maybe you can progressively unlock these "settings", like in the original where you needed 5 gold, 10 gold, and 15 gold to unlock different colors)?
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