Hey cemetech I don't really know where to by a decent second hand Nspire cx Unsure . Can anyone help me?
Look around on Ebay, and then send what you find here and people can tell you if it's a good deal or not. Very Happy
K. Found one on kijiji. here's the link. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-general-electronics/city-of-toronto/ti-nspire-cx-graphing-calculator/1613534465
What country do you live in? There are usually loads of CX's on ebay for decent prices ... for some reason cheaper than the 84+ line - you could likely get for $50:


School Property:
I live in South Ontario, Canada. This one on kijiji is pretty good because its on route of our family vacation route. I just need to now if its condition is good
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