Hello everyone! My first post here, apologies if there's bad formatting or bad internet manners Smile

I am looking to purchase a TI-84 Plus CE for the upcoming school year. After looking into the used market - I am on a budget, after all - I noticed that some iterations of the calculator had shiny front plastic and some had abrasive-looking, matte front plastic. I've linked a side-by-side comparison of the two for your reference here (https://ibb.co/djJtWH6). I am aware that hardware revisions M and later of the 84 have upgraded ROM chips (and, if I am not mistaken, a processor as well). Is the case material - specifically the matte/abrasive front plastic - indicative of the upgraded internals at all?
Any response and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Smile
I'm pretty sure that newer models are matte, while the older models have the glossy finish. You'll want to make sure that the CE you buy isn't the very latest (Buying one from Ebay would be a good option if you buy from a reputable seller), so as to make sure it's not on a newer, locked-down OS version. You can sometimes also tell the age of the calculator by the packaging it's in.
It doesn't have a ROM chip, nor does it have a faster processor, but rather an updated FLASH chip. In any case, matte black is more recent and is a good way to get the recent hardware. You could also look at python variants like the 84+CE Python or the TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python, which will definitely have the latest hardware and the extra coprocessor which doesn't negatively affect performance (at least not in any way that you might notice)
That being said, the easiest and most reliable way to know is obviously by looking at the back and checking the revision, which is the letter at the very end of the serial number (on the CE, it can sometimes be a letter followed by a digit like B0, but none of those will be recent). There have been lots of changes over time which can help you spot different hardware revisions.
This silkscreening will be revision O or later:

If you find one missing the LED next to the USB port, that will be revision T or later:

You might come across some CEs that have weird looking serial numbers like this, in which case, you can know for sure that the calculator has the new hardware because they started doing that around the 40th week of 2019, which is after the switch. If you're curious, you can find out how to break down those serial numbers here.
If you find one that looks like this, let me know Laughing

That faceplate to the bottom right looks very weird! Is that on the never revisions or is it a printing eror?
clevor wrote:
That faceplate to the bottom right looks very weird! Is that on the never revisions or is it a printing eror?

Neither, its a prototype.
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