I wrote a simple Basic prog and want to upload to TI-84.

I'm assuming that I'll use TI Connect but don't know where CEmu puts my source code.

From the WiKi doc I see that folder settings are under:
Configured under Options -> General settings -> Game paths
I don't see an Options tab or anything else that would lead me to a download.

Any suggestions?
CEmu is a TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator emulator. Cemu is a Wii U game console emulator. You are on the wrong Wiki. Go to Docks and enable the Variables dock. You can then View Calculator Variables and select items to upload to your PC.
As the good Doctor said, you can export via the CEmu variables dock:

tr1p1ea: great response/demo

For my test case to download I did exactly like you did. My prog made it over into my downloads dir.

The problem was to get the prog to the TI-84 PlusCE I had to transfer via TIConnect.

Is that the correct procedure? From you demo I Assumed that my prog should appear under the PRGM key and it wasn't there until I did TIConnect.
Correct, the exporting the variable from CEmu only saves it to your computer.

From there you need to use TI-Connect to transfer it to your physical calculator.

After that you can run it on your calculator.

If you update it on CEmu you will need follow the procedure again to resend it.
If you aren't allowed or able to use TI-Connect CE, you can use TiLP or ticalc.link
clevor wrote:
If you aren't allowed or able to use TI-Connect CE, you can use TiLP or ticalc.link

Not with CEmu, you can't.
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