so i was looking through the pacman file and was trying to assemble the source but it wouldn't let me since a certain program nammed CECompress was too old i assume. if any of you guys know where an update is or if any of you guys have it would be very appreciated Smile
First, could you fill us in on the details? What calculator model do you have? What is the pacman game you are trying to install? Once that is clarified I'm happy to give help! Very Happy
Given that it's called "CECompress", I would assume that they mean the CE and this file, which contains "CECompress.exe" under src/tools.

PacMan is really old at this point, and is using a lot of things that are no longer supported. If you're just trying to assemble it so you can run it, you should just send the .8xp instead. If you want to use it as an example for making your own program, don't, as it was written before all of the fancy tools for program development like the CE C toolchain. There are plenty of more modern games for the CE available on GitHub that you can look at instead.

If you do want to modify Pac-Man specifically, I don't think you necessarily need CECompress to run unless you're changing the images. It looks like that if you don't enter GFX into the batch file, it should skip the graphics conversion and just use the ones that were already in the zip file.
However, it might be more efficient to just poke Mateo about making it work with fasmg/convimg Razz
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