I recently have been experimenting with the older calculators and got an idea I don't know if it's possible but that's why I'm here. My idea was to have a game that runs on two calculators and they're connected together and it's 2d and a character is displayed on the screen probably a 0 and it an shoot. Each character is displayed on both screens. I would like to do this bit I don't know how linking works in programs. Thanks BTW I also would like this written in basic but asm or c could work I guess. Razz
Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer data between two calculators in BASIC without one of them being paused or taking blocking user input - see the TI-BASIC Dev page for the GetCalc( command for more details.

In C and assembly, the USBDRVCE library can be used to transfer data between calculators. I also added support to the SRLDRVCE library for calc-to-calc linking earlier today, which might be a bit easier to use, if a worse fit for the job. Unfortunately, both of these libraries are still under development and not officially released yet. Additionally, using these libraries is somewhat involved and probably not the best choice for a starter C project. If you're still relatively new to C, I would recommend getting the program working in singleplayer first, before trying to add multiplayer support to it, which will also give more time for the libraries to get released.
Yeah, I'm new to C. Okay I will do what you said and develop single player first and wait. Also I want to learn how the C libraries work do you know any good ways or places to learn?
Also thanks so much for the info.😄
Edit: Yea ti basic is very limited I was going to make a single Calc multi-player version but ran into a problem where 1 it would run slow there could only be one input at a time thanks again for the help.
Invalid_Jake wrote:
Yeah, I'm new to C. Okay I will do what you said and develop single player first and wait. Also I want to learn how the C libraries work do you know any good ways or places to learn?

Download the freaking toolchain and read the documentation.
Here's the documentation for the toolchain. You can use pretty much any C tutorial for it, aside from the CE specific libraries (graphx, fileioc, keypadc, fontlib) it works the same as regular C.
Thanks 😊 I officially hate ram resets now I got so far on my game one my ce and the ram got reset and deleted my game. I have an older version modified for the ti 84 plus. I'll have to get it from it. Then work out making the corrections re-ading the new features this socks I had everything backed up but that ugggg.
I would suggest trying to make a simple turn-based game first, like battleship, before attempting to code real-time games such as shooters that require constant data transmission.

Also, I would like to play battleship.
Thanks for the suggestion I decided to program it in C , single player for now I might add with bots of course.
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