I didnt know where to post this because I am new to this website and forums in general. I am trying to download an app onto my ti-84 plus ce that is a .8xk file but i keep getting an error message saying "Sorry, it appears that noteflio.8xk was created for another calculator and does not work on TI-84 Plus CE -1060. We cannot send it"
I cant find any program or .xp files that will work or have what I need. Is there any way I could convert the file or find a way to download it as a program?
.8xk files are flash applications, which are written in Z80 assembly. The CE has an eZ80 processor instead of a Z80 like the TI-83+ had, so it can't run them.

You might find Text Editor CE to be a suitable replacement for NoteFolio that works on the CE.
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