Ok, my Casio configuration is as follows:

Most of the time it shows answers in book format (you know, it writes the radical symbol and what not) but I was experimenting with it and found that if I write 50√8, instead of getting 100√2 I'm getting 141.4213563.

The funny thing is that it works with 49.5√8. When I do that, the answer is 99√2 but as soon as the number outside the radical is ≥ 100 I lose the ability to see the answer in "book form" and pressing S→D does nothing.
Is this some kind of limitation or am I just having issues because I have the wrong config?

Any help will be much appreciated.
I finally found my answer reading through the calculator manual.
It's actually a limitation of the software. I say it's a software thing because I can do the calculations just right with KhiCAS.
It's a bit disappointing but not too much because the simple fact that I can install KhiCAS makes it up for it.
For those interested, you can go to page 2-4 and 2-5 in the user manual (fx-CG50_Soft_v350_EN.pdf)
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